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Emails not being received

Hi, two emails were not delivered to me, in the same period. I discovered this by chasing my correspondents for an answer, at which point they forwarded me perfectly valid emails they had sent, without them receiving an undelivered or problem message. I've been through the BT email Help section (there was no auto-forward, filters or blocks). The emails were normal business with no touchy subjects or weird names.

I don't want this to happen ever again and don't know what else might have failed to arrive the same week (5 -11 Jan).

Solutions or recommendations welcomed, thanks.

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Re: Emails not being received

You will never get a 100% guarantee that this will never happen again because it could be something at the senders end just as easily as something at the BT end that caused it.

If you are aware of emails not getting through you could add the senders email address to your "safe senders" list which you can find in the settings by clicking on your username at the right hand side.

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