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Emails showing as read when they haven't been

This has been going on for some time. Possibly when the new BT mail service was brought in?

I have Apple iphone, Android tablet all set up to view my BT emails, plus a few PC's where I just use BT webmail service.


Noted that when on the PC and in BT webmail, there's a regualr number of emails that show as read (not bold), even though I've not opened them up on the other devices, or possibly even had the device running.

The ones shown as read are not always at the top but scattered through the list.

I dont use preview panes on the devices to possibly trigger the email has been read. Not that they have been read anyway.


One time this caused me a problem as I missed a credit card statement one month as it showed as being read, and never thought to check, thinking it was the previous months!

I have to keep an eye out on all emails now just in case.


Wonder if anyone else has come across this?


I dont recall it being an issue with the older BT webmail service.

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