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I cannot get any emails on my main computer.  I have internet connection and my emails are arriving on my linked devices but none on this computer since 7th Dec.  It keeps asking on BT and Yahoo for my password but then will not accept it.  i have reset the password but still no joy - it still whirls round and round trying to verify but then says check user name and password. any ideas?

I would like to take off my BT Internet and Yahoo accounts and then put them back on but I am afraid that I will lose all my emails  on the computer but also on the phone and Ipad.  Advice on this as well please

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Re: Emails

When you reset your password, did you do it via a web browser or was it on an email client such as Windows Live Mail or Outlook. 


How are you trying to access your email. Is it via a web browser or an email client such as Windows Live Mail or Outlook.


If it was on an email client, you can not just change the password there. You would need to change it via your BT account.


See this link


Once you have done that, check you can log onto the email account via webmail by logging on here


or here


Once you have done that, then you can change the password on your email client on your computer.


However, it would appear not to be a password problem if you can still access your emails on other devices.

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