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Re: Enchanced Player not Airplaying video

Hi Sean


I have just joined the forum to express my customer dissatisfaction with the appalling quality of service when using the BT Sports App to watch live football games on my TV via


(1) my pc i.e. micro stuttering all the time (does not happen when I watch my NOW TV box to watch premier league games)


(2) being prevented from watching via Apple TV (used to work fine up until some weeks back, when something was obviously changed to prevent this as per other numerous complainants)


On joining BT over 6 months ago I very soon for the majority of the time gave up watching BT Sports via my PC due to the micro stuttering, did not complain about it as I thought it was my pc spec problem, but apparently this is not the case, it is the BT app problem.


Also I did not complain as I was for the first 6 months or so able to watch a good quality video service via my Apple TV, but unfortunately am now prevented from doing so.


I recently spent an hour on the BT help line trying to solve the Apple TV problem, after 30 minutes of talking to a support assistant only to be told that the reason I can watch every program on all the channels and not watch live premier/European football was because of my setup was at fault i.e HDMI cable.


I then asked to speak to his supervisor who after further 20 minutes or so, informed me that the reason I could not watch the live football through my Apple TV, was "because global restrictions had been put into effect preventing it".


I have made a complaint (logged as VOL0********) about the "global restrictions" being enforced on me without being informed but as yet have not been contacted.


I then read your post and had to laugh when I read regarding others having the same problem as me "We have sent your feedback to our Sport app team and I can now offer an update." Great I thought, get it & problem solved.


As someone else has already pointed out an update by the end of March will/could involve having to view large number of live football matches on a TV in a poor quality of service via a pc and not at all via Apple TV.


My understanding of update "now" means now, and an update rolled out at "end the of March" means a future update.


As for suggesting the use of suggested work arounds, I have tried them and do not seem to work for me, so will have to wait for the future update rolled out at the end of March.


Finally, I have not had much time to research the forum about the poor quality of service i.e constant stuttering when using the BT Sports app on my pc, although I am aware this is a common problem.


Is the Sport App team also aware of this problem and can I expect a future update to rectify this as well?




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Re: Enchanced Player not Airplaying video

I have just been contacted by BT complaints reference my complaint about being informed by BT Help Line Supervisor that the reason I can not watch Premier/European football is because "global restrictions" have been imposed, without my being informed, although from the response I got today (see below)I am beginning to think staff on the BT Help Line make things up if they do not know the answer.


I have today been told by a  BT Complaints person that my IPad is at fault and I need to contact Apple to fix the problem.


Totally confused. Is my IPad the problem (I think not) which is what I am being told by one BT employee or will the BT Sports update now available (now as up to the end of March) fix the problem, which I am being told by another BT representative.


BT really need to get their employees/representatives singing to the same hymn tune. It is really annoying to be given two different causes of the problem.


I am not even going to bother contacting Apple about the problem and hopefully next update solves the problem. However, I noticed there was a BT sport app update available today when I switched on my Ipad. Have done the update and hopefully I will be able to watch the football match tonight with the problem solved.





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Re: Enchanced Player not Airplaying video

Problem Solved. Latest BT Sports App update on my Ipad, has solved the problem. Watched Liverpool v Bournemouth with no probs at all.
Thanks BT and all concerned for solving this. Maybe you can now also solve stuttering playback via PC?
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