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Encountering the error code 'ID003'

Hi all,

I am currently encountering the error code 'ID003' when I attempt to log in to BT Sport.

I have spoken with three different EE support representatives over the last month and it appears that I am no closer to getting it resolved. I have a EE plan that allows me to pick a 'smart benefit' and decided to go for BT Sport. What I should also mention is that I had it a few months back as a benefit and have chosen to go for it again.

Since picking it again, I have gone to '', entered my number and postcode and from there I believe I was asked to wait for an e-mail; I did not receive this message.

Any ideas?


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Re: Encountering the error code 'ID003'

I'm afraid BT Sport subscriptions from EE are entirely controlled by EE - they send us details of your subscription as soon as you've followed their process.

You're going to need to chase EE on this one again unfortunately.

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