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End mobile contract early - final bill

I am considering moving 1 of my 4 BT mobiles to another provider and have obtained my PAC code from BT. As it’s 2 months before my contract end date, I will need to pay around £100 to end my contract early.

As I still have landline, broadband and another 3 mobiles with BT, will this £100 just be added to my monthly bill or will it be emailed or posted to me separately?

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Re: End mobile contract early - final bill

It will be added to your next bill as you still have services with BT.
Have you not asked BT for a new deal ? saves paying early termination charges.

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Re: End mobile contract early - final bill

Haven’t asked them yet, as they don’t seem to do anything over online chat and they keep directing me to call them up. 

Do you think they will match the deal I’ve seen with 02?

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Re: End mobile contract early - final bill

BT don't price match, they will try their best to retain you, BT have a dedicated mobile retention team, they can review your full package to see what savings can be made, It's worth an ask.

Ring 0800 800 150 or 150 from your BT mobile.

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