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End of TV contract. New one looks rubbish

My BT TV contract expired in 2017 but I continued until now

I have what was the top of the range - BT sport, Ultra HD and numerous channels etc. I have now been told that I have to change to the new flexible system in February. My wife is an avid daytime TV watcher of Crime & Investigation, Lifetime, ID, abd  SYfi, . It seems impossible to find out if these channels are still supported but it looks likely that they will  no longer be available.

The new system seems to charge £15 for sport plus an extra if I want HD - so its not worth having given that I am only interested in watching one football team. There are numerous sky film channels but I already have Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney Plus (which is still not supported by BT so I have to cast from my phone)

Is there any point in keeping the BT TV subscription - If I took the big package at £66 per month it seems I still will not have my wife's favourite channels. My current BT TV bill is about £32 

I could of course just dispense with BT and use the functionality of my smart TV which already supports Netflix, Amazon Prime video etc. I still will not have all desired channels but will be at least £360 per year better off.

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