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Endless lies and incompetency

I am writing my extremely long story in the hope that people will read it and decide not to go with BT. 




                On 24th August I signed up for a BT Infinity TV and broadband package and was told an engineer was coming to my house to fit it on the 9th September 2015. After waiting in all day on 9th September I called at 5:30pm and was told an engineer was on his way. The engineer never came. We called to ask why this was and were told an engineer did not need to come to our property and the internet would be ready by midnight. When we called the following day because the internet was still not ready we were told the internet would be ready by midnight that day. The internet was not ready by that day. We called and were told there was a problem with our order and that a dedicated team was working on it. Called continuously for ten days with no explanation. On the 19th September we called to cancel because we were fed up of waiting. We were told that the original order had failed and that a new one could be set up for us and the internet would be ready by the 21st of September. On the condition that it was ready on that day, we agreed to create a new order. On the 20th of September, after being promised that the internet would be ready by the following day, we received an email to say it would be ready on the 1st of October instead. For this reason I called to cancel my order.


                After I called to cancel my order I arranged a broadband package with a new provider. A few hours later I received an email telling me that because I was “transferring to another provider” I would be billed £85 for leaving early. When I called to ask why this was, it became clear that my order had never been cancelled in the first place, despite me having been assured that it was. I spoke to someone in the Glasgow office who assured me that he had cancelled the order and he would cancel it with Sky as well. This was because me going with Sky apparently came up as a transfer rather than a cancellation. He told me that I would not have to pay any money.


                The following day, on Monday 21st September I received an email to say an engineer would be coming on the 3rd of October to install internet for my “new broadband package”. I received another email to say my internet would be ready by the 1st of October. I was confused by this, having called on two occasions to cancel. When I called again on the evening of Tuesday 22nd September, I was told that I had two open orders with BT. Instead of having cancelled the order, it seems two new ones were set up without my knowledge or consent. I cancelled them and was again told they were definitely cancelled and I would not be billed.


                On Tuesday 22nd September I arranged for broadband with Sky again.


                On 23rd September, I received an email to tell me that I owed BT £78 for cancelling my services. I called back and was told that this was wrong. I insisted on getting an email confirming what the customer agent said, that I didn’t owe any money. He was just taking my email address when the call was disconnected. I suspect I was hung up on. When I called back, the next customer service agent told me that he couldn’t send such an email and I would have to call another department the following day. I haven't got round to calling yet as I am getting quite tired of spending one hour of every day on the phone to BT, talking to people who have no idea what is going on. 


                On 24th September I received an email from Sky saying that the current occupier had requested that the installation date they were offering me be put back to the 7th October. As I had made no such request and am the current occupier, I can only presume that BT called them and told them to delay without my knowledge or consent. 




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Re: Endless lies and incompetency

Hi ljpratt18,


Welcome to the community forum. I am really sorry to hear about the problems you have had with BT recently. I would like to take a look at the details of your complaint. Please can you send me in your details using the "Contact the Mods" link found in my profile.





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