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Engineer call out fee in dispute

Engineers called on 1 December last year as I had no line. I live in a first floor rented flat; they went out onto a flat roof and spent a long time checking the wiring. I was asked if any work had been done to the exterior of the property and told them my landlord had builders re-point the property in October. This was evident to the engineers as there were building remnants on the roof. I was then told the wiring was old and it was possible the builders could have damaged the wiring. They did not state the builders damaged the wiring but that it was possible. I mentioned that I did not lose my service until 30 November and asked how it could be related but they merely repeated that it could have been the builders.
The engineer wrote my landlord's details on his work sheet.
When I received my quarterly bill in March I was shocked to see £130 call out fee.
I contacted BT who told me they would send a copy of the engineers report to me. It took ten days to receive the report and within those ten days my direct debit was due.
Contacting BT again they offered to cancel the direct debit. I contacted them again to enquire when I would receive the report and was then advised that a cancellation fee for the direct debit would be applied to my next bill.
I sent a copy of the report to my landlord who found it questionable and wanted to challenge BT but they would not speak to him as he is not the account holder. The landlord found it hard to believe the builders were responsible and even if they were, why would it take another month before I lost my service.
He is reluctant to pay me the fee as there is no evidence of damaged wiring
I have mentioned this to BT who are adamant the builders were responsible. Had the engineer told me this on his visit it would have given me more time to challenge this, instead now, time is running out and I have been given an extension until 30 April to pay the bill.
If it remains unpaid a late payment fee will be added and my line disconnected plus a fee for re-connection.
I live on my own and have been housebound for sixteen years; the phone & broadband are my lifeline. Due to my circumstances I simply do not have the funds to pay this fee.
BT is not helpful and my landlord is getting irritated with my constant e-mails to him. I feel I am in the middle of all this with no support at all and am being penalised.
Please somebody help as it is causing a great deal of anxiety.
Thank you.

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Re: Engineer call out fee in dispute

Hi serida and welcome


Sorry to hear about the hassle you have with this.


This is beyond the help your fellow customers give, so in this case it would be best to contact the BT Forum Moderation Team.


They can look in to the case notes and hopefully help you out with this.


You need to fill out this form, then allow up to 3 days for a reply -


Let us know how it goes


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Re: Engineer call out fee in dispute

Thank you for your reply.

I have now followed your helpful instructions and sent the email.

I will post the outcome.

Thank you.

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Re: Engineer call out fee in dispute

Three days have now passed and have not had a reply. It is not a case of being impatient but I only have until 30 April when my bill must be paid.

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Re: Engineer call out fee in dispute

That's another 10 days. The mods will be very busy at the moment with all those reporting faults with the 80/20 Infinity service since the new roll out.

If you've not heard by Monday perhaps submit it again.
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