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Engineer claimed he turned up and called but he didn't

I'm having an ongoing nightmare trying to get a line installed. I ordered a phone line on 9th March for a new property in North London and was given an engineering appointment for the end of March. I sat in from 8am - 1pm as advised but no engineer turned up. I called and was told that there was work needed to be done before line was activated and it wouldn't be completed til 1st May. At the end of April an engineer turned up randomly on a Saturday morning. I was thrilled though about to go out. He was here an hour but said there was a fault in the road and they'd try and get someone out in the afternoon. No one came. The following day (a Sunday) I went for a 20 mile training run in the rain and came home to 3 missed calls from another BT engineer trying to gain access to the property. I called back only to be told I was too late and treated like I'd missed an appointment when none had been made. I then couldn't get any further information until Tues 1st May when an appointment was made for me for 14th May. When I complained this was escalated and an appointment made for today 8th May.


I got up in plenty of time and was home from well before 8am until 1pm as per my appointment. My phone never left my side and I had no messages. After 1pm I rang BT and was told that an engineer had come out at 10.03 and had failed to get access to the property. I was also told that the engineer had phoned ahead and left a message. I had no call, no message and no one rang my buzzer to gain access. After 45 minutes on the phone this had still not been resolved and I was told I would be called today. No one has called.


I have also tried liaising with the BT twitter team who at first seemed capable but tried to phone me after I left various tweets, on a number I had told them didn't work when I'm in the office. I'd given them an alternative but they apparently aren't clever enough to use it.


To be honest I'm at my wits end over this. I seem to be being treated like I am the problem when I've not done anything wrong. To top it all off I've already paid £129 line rental in advance and feel trapped into a contract with BT.  


Can anyone tell me how the hell I can resolve this?

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Re: Engineer claimed he turned up and called but he didn't

I would contact the mods and see if they can help you


contact mods

can take up to 5 working days for mods to contact you as there is a backlog at present

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