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Engineer no show & dishonest notes

Absolutely fuming. Sat in all Sat morning waiting for engineer to come & fix my phone line which I had waited for a week for, turns out to be a no show. I live rurally & have no signal so when I went outside, I receive a voice mail message from said enginner, saying he cant find my house! This is 11am ish. I call back, leave 4 messages but no call back.

After my slot, 1.30pm by now, I call BT and find out the engineer has placed notes on my account saying he attempted to visit my property but I was not in and my phone was disconnected. Absolute rubbish. I was home all morning and yes, I have no signal. Surely, a grown adult engineer can use a sat nav, no other engineer has ever had a problem, I am on Google maps!

The BT service is **bleep** appalling. I pay over the odds £40+ just for phone & internet being rural and I receive not only a poor internet signal but no one evens cares to fix my phone fault. I'll be sure to cancel my account as soon as it's sorted. I'm sick of being sent pillar to post just to speak to someone with any authority, to find out they know absolutely nothing on the ground.
So, so so annoyed.

Does anyone know what I can do?
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Re: Engineer no show & dishonest notes

The engineers come from Openreach not BT and the engineers are the same for every provider apart from cable providers so cancelling will achieve very little just a different name on the bill
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