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Engineer plans and return kit

I made an order in October and still have not had a team come down to install the master socket. I was told that an open reach team will need to come to begin works. I explained that I need the plan of what the engineer proposes to do to the outside of the building so that I can get permission from my freeholder ( Eg.: drilling, roof access, a ladder). I spoke to a case manager, engineer and was contacted by the complaints team and no one has told me what the plans are. I was advised to call after lockdown is lifted and basically start again which means explaining everything about getting details of the engineer visit.

 I now keep getting emails about returning the kit but I still haven’t gotten a returns bag and this has all become very frustrating. I’m not sure if I should make another complaint or just scrap the whole thing altogether.

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Re: Engineer plans and return kit

The Engineer wouldn’t know exactly what he or she needs to do until they got there. Openreach don’t Survey and Plan every Customer Installation, they wouldn’t have the time, manpower and money to do such a thing given they do something like 10,000+ a week.

If there’s no existing line plant then obviously they’d need to drill a hole from the inside out and put a cable either overhead from a pole or Underground if it’s UG. 

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Re: Engineer plans and return kit


Please can you confirm whether its a BT Business order, or a BT Residential order?

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Re: Engineer plans and return kit

It’s a residential order 

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Re: Engineer plans and return kit

@ksherelle wrote:

It’s a residential order 

What does it say about the progress of the order, if you log into MyBT?

Were you given a provision date by BT, when you placed the order?

You would not normally be asked to return the BT Home hub unless the order had been cancelled.

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Re: Engineer plans and return kit

I completely understand that but when the engineer came and gave notes for the open reach team, I was advised I would be updated about their installation plans but no one got back to me.

I don’t have an existing line and I believe you’re absolutely right. If that is the case, I just need them to confirm and tell me that as well as what they need to do on the outside. 
If they need to go on the roof for instance, or drill it will affect my neighbours as I live in a building of flats, which is why I’ve been told to find out the plans to then get permission.

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Re: Engineer plans and return kit

The order got cancelled because I was waiting for someone to update me on the plans but because no one could, it went longer than 15 days so they said they would have to cancel it and send a new one.

 I still haven’t received my returns bag either

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Re: Engineer plans and return kit

I have asked a moderator for advice on the best way to proceed, as it does not seem sensible to return the home hub, if you still intend to proceed with the order.

If BT cancelled it, then Openreach are not going to do anything, as they no longer have an order. Not sure what would happen now, apart from you having to place another order. Wait for some advice on this thread.

As Openreach provide the connection for most providers, you have no other options.

Normally blocks of flats already have a common distribution point within the building, which serves all of the units within the building. If adjacent flats already have a connection, then it would come from that point, which is often on a locked cupboard, or in the basement. Openreach should already have a record of this, based on the routing of existing connections, but it would need a visit to confirm this.

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Re: Engineer plans and return kit

That makes perfect sense. Yes absolutely the engineer mentioned that too as well as the possibility of going on the roof, when he came. He wrote notes on the system. If so that’s fine, but my freeholder has requested the plans for what they exactly plan to do. For instance, if there is going to be drilling etc it may disturb my neighbours.

I understand if it’s too much to ask but I do need to know what they want to do before booking anything. I’m happy to reorder if that’s the case I’m just concerned it’ll be the same pattern again.

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Re: Engineer plans and return kit

I doubt you would know beforehand, however if Openreach need roof access, or access to any other part of the building, they would normally have to contact the building owner anyway, as access to the roof would normally be locked.

My personal advice would be to place your order again with BT, for the phone line, and not to worry about access, just leave it to Openreach to arrange, if needed. They would not do anything without permission.

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