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Engineers Can Do No More & DNS Server Question.

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I had infinity installed on 16th February. It was slow from the off (4-12Mbits when my IP profile is 38Mbits). I called straight away as I knew it was nothing to do with a '10 Day settling period'. Engineers were sent out to my exchange and I was told changes had been made. No difference. I called BT again and engineers were sent to exchange a second time, was told changes were made, but nothing.


Another call to BT resulted in a house visit by an engineer. He said he was able to get near 40Mbits directly from the VDSL Openreach Router. He told me he had made the necessary changes I should be good to go in a couple of days. I was not!

This was my latest Speed Tester result and would be at the high end of what I would get.



I am using wired via 200Mbps Homeplugs (slower than just wire, but should still be ok for Infinity!). Home Hub 2 Infinity and all my wireless devices are 'N' 5.0Ghz.


However, test are carried out using a top end Lenovo laptop wired directly into the hub.

I am at the end of my tether with this! I ran a namebench test and it had the following results:

So in addition to all of the above concerns, does anyone know if Infinity should be using a particular DNS Server? What is this BT 30GB DNS Server that is claimed can give me 83.2% faster results? I know I can't change this, but should BT be doing something with this?

***UPDATE*** 03/03/2011

Another call to BT. They claim they are going to increase the capacity on my line?! So will see how that goes tonight.

***UPDATE 2***


So the moral of this story is be patient. However, I can't help but think my line capacity should have been increased to begin with.

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Re: Engineers Can Do No More & DNS Server Question.

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