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Entering email address from the contact list

On top of the problems with copying and pasting when composing and email on webmail, which, by the way, is not cured by ticking the 'rich text' box, for the last 2 weeks, when I click on the 'TO' and 'CC' to get my contacts list up, and then ticking each contact I wish to send the email to, the system does not load them to the address lines automatically as it used to do. I then have to type each email address in individually which is totally unacceptable when I have 20 or so recipients to send to. I raised this complaint on September 25th and in spite of several phone calls fro BT help the problem has still not been fixed.

If you are monitoring this BT, please 'get your finger out' and fix the problem !!

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Re: Entering email address from the contact list

See this thread which may help until the matter is resolved

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