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Equipment Ownership - BT admin gone crazy

Having read the "who owns my box" questions when people cancel with interest I was amazed to just get a "returns bag" from BT.


My contract with BT had expired and, for ease of life, I have just recontracted for another year with BT - keepng the same equipment (not having a new router or new YouView box) - probably not the best deal - but one for a simple life.....


Now BT have sent me a bag to return my old equipment in!!!! (how am I expected to use the BT service with no equipment?).


One I shall totally ignore - and hope I do not get anymore stupidity - if BT wishes to improve profitability then I suggest they sort out their admin - crazy actions like this must cost a fortune.....


(This follows on from BT sending me an e-mail saying they are reducing my Cloud Storage - then, after 30 mins on the phone and speaking to three BT people it was stated to be an error (they re-instated it, as the re-contract had agreed to keep it at the same amount)).


All a time cost to the customer from BT's incompetance - no solution requested.......

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Re: Equipment Ownership - BT admin gone crazy

Was in the same boat here, sent me a bag when I had just re-contracted, pure incompetence!!


My order has also completed but despite 3 phonecalls, they have not been able to close it out so it still shows as in progress! This then prevents me from viewing or changing my TV options, more incompetence!!


If BT buy EE, I think I'll stick with O2 ...... they are very good with customer services > BT have not a clue!



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