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Equipment return error?

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We have recently cancelled our services with BT but were out of contract at the time of the switch. I understand BT equipment does not need to be sent back providing the original contract period is finished, which it obviously was.

However, having just signed in to My BT to check on the progress of the credit refund (something else which is not made clear anywhere), I noticed a few worrying statements on the order tracking page (dates/serial numbers removed by me):

Equipment to be returned
Please ensure you return your equipment to arrive by the xx/xx/2019. Otherwise you will be charged.

Also, further down the page, and dated on the cancellation date (we've not been sent any new equipment but the serial number matches that of the Smart Hub we've had since day 1!!):

Smart Hub
Equipment delivery
Your broadband hub will fit through your letterbox, so you won't need to wait in for it to be delivered.

You will receive Serial number

And Lastly, regarding the YouView box:

Equipment return
Equipment returns process invoked due to Do Not Choose. Please return the following items before : xx/xx/2019
Serial number
Return status
YouView+ G4 box with remote
Equipment return process
Return's packaging Equipment posted Equipment returned
We have sent you the return's packaging. Your next step is to post your equipment back to us.

Seriously what's going on with BT's systems? Has someone/something messed up meaning BT are expecting the equipment which we own to be returned or is this just a silly oversight in the cancellation process presenting itself as a series of confusing/threatening messages?

I don't wish to optionally return the equipment to BT for recycling as it's still useful to us.

If a mod happens by this thread, could you just double-check the account to ensure we're not going to be mistakenly charged?


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Re: Equipment return error?

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Welcome to this user forum.

Provided you have completed the minimum term for all contracts, including BT YouView, then you do not have to return any equipment.

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Re: Equipment return error?

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Every contract had finished. The initial contract I understood the equipment return applied to finished even earlier, but that's besides the point.
But yes, TV contract ended September with associated loyalty price rise, broadband ended October with its own price rise.
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Re: Equipment return error?

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Then just ignore the message.

If you still keep getting chased, then post back here, and a moderator can be asked to investigate.

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Re: Equipment return error?

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Hi @torque57 As Keith has said the return of your BT equipment in your case would be purely for recycling purposes and once you have completed your contract no equipment charges would be raised on your final bill. 

If you do find any equipment charges drop back and let us know and we will be happy to help you.


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