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Equipment return error?


I cancelled my services with BT two months ago. At the time of the cancellation, I had been out of contract for more than an year. I understand BT equipment does not need to be sent back providing the original contract period is finished, which was the case.

Since the cancellation order, I have called BT broadband service twice (04/10/2019 and 08/11/2019) and in both occasions it was confirmed that: (i) I did not need to return the equipment; and, as a result (ii) there was no penalty for not returning the equipment (apparently, another customer had a similar situation and it was attested that the charge was not due *).

However, checking My BT, I noticed a warning claiming that a penalty was due:


Equipment return
Equipment return process invoked due to Moving (Staying with BT (E)). Please return the following items before : 08/11/2019 [...].
We have sent you return's packaging. However, you failed to return your equipment by 08/11/2019 and therefore will be subject to a penalty fee.
As clarified while requesting for the cancellation, I have moved from the UK. That is, I am not "staying with BT" (or even in the UK for that matter), as this warning inaccurately states. Indeed, I have even received a refund from BT.
Given that I had been a client for two years (having completed my contract more than an year ago) and do not wish to return the equipment for recycling, can you verify why this error message is showing?
Thank you,


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