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Error 628 when using my dongle!!!

A few months ago I changed my laptop and bought a new Dell Inspiron running on Windows 7. It is great.  I did not need to use my dongle for a while and have only recently tried to connect with it.  When I do,  I get the following message;


"13001 - Your mobile device has been disconnected - Error 628.   The connection was terminated by the remote computer before it could be completed".


Can anyone please advise me  what this means?    Is there possibly some software installed on my new Dell laptop which is interfering with the operation of the BT dongle ? 


  Unfortunately I cannot telephone the helpline and get them to talk me through the problem because there is no O2 coverage at my home address and I get no signal.   Telephoning on my landline would not enable the call centre operative to talk me through my problem . 


 Please help!

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Re: Error 628 when using my dongle!!!

Hi Badsworth,

Have you tried downloading the latest software for the dongle? Error 628 is a compatibility issue with windows 7 and the latest software fixes that. You can grab it at the following link,,2732,2737/related/1

Let us know how it goes.

BT Moderator Team
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Re: Error 628 when using my dongle!!!

not a software issue with mine, put a colleague's device in the same laptop usb port with same sim package and hey presto it worked on my client. Turns out the SIM, when inserted into colleague's usb device, caused the same error. Check with BT quoting the cellular number of the SIM card issued with your dongle


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Re: Error 628 when using my dongle!!!

This is an old thread which relates to the BT broadband dongle, which has been discontinued for quite a while now.


BT Mobile do not supply SIM card to fit in USB dongles.



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