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Error Code IPC2015


I’ve recently upgraded from the MAX HD package to the VIP package.  The VIP package comes with a 4K UHD Youview box.  I was sent a start HD box.   I contacted BT who arranged for an engineer to visit a week later.  I was told that the engineer would bring with them a 4K UHD box.  Engineer arrived, did not have the box with him and told me his job list advised him that a 4K UHD had been sent to me.  Engineer said there was nothing he could do and left as soon as he had arrived.   Again, I contacted BT and asked them to send me a 4K UHD box.  It arrived two days later.    I followed the installation instructions and kept getting message ‘SUBSCRIPTION CHANNEL UNAVAILABLE There is a problem with your broadband which is affecting (name of channel).  Check the connection between your box and router, then restart the router IPC 6015.  I did this 3 three times and as my broadband was connecting absolutely fine to other devices in the house, I contacted a friend who has a 4K UHD box.   I borrowed his box to see if his box worked fine and it does.  
So, I’m just about to contact BT again to ask them to send my another 4K UHD box.   I’m just want my dining room table back as presently there are three youview boxes taking up the table surface!! 

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Re: Error Code IPC2015

Hi @aliroberts 

As it is a newly  supplied  box that you having the issue with  it may be worth doing a full factory reset on the box either from the box Settings menu or from the maintenance mode option 5.

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Re: Error Code IPC2015

Thank you. I will give that a go!
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