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Re: Error code 6030 & 6025

Ok I found the answer to no events showing
Change your iphone time settings to 24 hour clock and make sure set automatically is on
Then double tap and remove sport app from the running apps
Then open the app again - will log on then on tapping watch you get the lot
Why ffs don't Mumbai know about this instead of fobbing you off by blaming phone software
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Re: Error code 6030 & 6025

After trying various suggestions on how get Bt Sport Live Player working, I've come to the conclusion that there is no single method, it's basically hit and miss.


I'm using Windows 7 x64 bit OS, with the latest version of Silverlight from Microsoft, the older version Silverlight_5.0.61118 didn't work for me.


Well I can now view live content on but it's very dodgy because when I decide to switch channels from say ESPN to BT Sport 2, sometimes it works straight away, sometimes it will require multiple clicks, and sometimes it will throw up an error code. For tomorrow's football I'll probably start trying for a connection 30 mins before kick-off, then leave it on that channel until the game starts. I do hope that Bt are looking into this.

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Re: Error code 6030 & 6025

Having followed this thread for a few days now, I have decided that it is frankly, just nonsense.  BT haven't the sense, the competence, or the grace to admit that they have fouled up - or to even apologise for a truly disgraceful piece of work.  I, for one, have lost all confidence in BT, and intend (reluctantly) to see my BB/Vision contract out and then stay as far away as possible form this bunch of incompetents.  Just what Sky dreamt about!

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Re: Error code 6030 & 6025

Not sure it's Silverlight, have it working on 1 PC and not on another, both have the same version of Silverlight, same options etc, etc.


I applied for and got BT sport on the one it works on, "work" laptop, but it does not run on my home laptop.

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Re: Error code 6030 & 6025

Thanks 3coloursunburst, great temporary fix until BT get their act together.

I'd got as far as using an older version of Silverlight, but hadn't sussed the need to delete the Playdata file.

Thanks again, most helpful


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Re: Error code 6030 & 6025

Before changing settings it's worth checking the Silverlight site for compatibility with your set up.


According to the matrix on the Silverlight web site the latest version of Silverlight (Silverlight 5 [5.1.20513.0]) isn't compatible with Windows 7 if you are also using IE10.  It is supposed to be compatible with Windows 7 if you are using IE9 or IE8.  It's worth checking to see if your combination of operating system and IE or other browser is compatible with the latest Silverlight.  Some of the advice given here won't necessarily work if you don't check for basic compatibility.


However, I'm using Windows 7 with the Service Pack 1 update and IE 10, which is supposed to be compatible with the latest Silverlight 5, and I still can't watch live video. There does seem to be something wrong at the BT end.

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Re: Error code 6030 & 6025

Checked that Silverlight worked on my laptop through the akamai link posted above (it does), so this IS a DRM issue, ie the data that is being streamed, not the user's computer one as the Mods on here keep saying. Stop fobbing us off BT and get it sorted eh?

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Re: Error code 6030 & 6025

I also have verified that Silverlight works with the test site on two machines connected via RJ45 network.

No problems streaming videos from anywhere else, just no joy with BT Sport, basically see the 6030 error message and several others dependant upon browser and selection sequence including too many streams when only one browser window open.


Talk about not believing glossy advertising !!

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Re: Error code 6030 & 6025

I've got Vista Home Premium 32-bit operating system and I had the same problem - when I clicked the 'Watch' button - I got the error 6025 message.

With the help of Microsoft Support online chat I carried out various tests - links below which you might find useful.


Silverlight DRM Test


Microsoft Support  - How to clean a corrupted Silverlight installation and then reinstall Silverlight -


How to reset Internet Explorer settings


Microsoft Fix It Center


All the tests came back saying my version of Silverlight should be working so not wanting to give up I logged back in and tried again and again - switching between the BT Sports1 / BT Sports2 / ESPN tabs !!

After about 6 attempts of pressing the continue button ESPN started playing - I then tried BT Sports1 & BT Sports2 and they then worked !!

Since then I've logged in several times and sometimes it works first time and sometimes after several attempts.

I know you shouldn't need to do this and it's not a great solution but at least you eventually get to watch the channel your trying to view.

Maybe this will also work for some of you - fingers crossed it will !!

Good luck.

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Re: Error code 6030 & 6025

This is absolutely useless, BT, I have the most up to date version of Silverlight, running on Windows 7 and BT Sport doesn't work on any browser I have tried - Explorer, Chrome and Firefox.


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