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Error code LP103

Hi.  we can only watch live streams on one device. we have even turned the BT sport box off and still can only view on one device

I have re set my password in case my account had been hacked but still only able to stream on one device?


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Re: Error code LP103

Resetting your password wouldn't stop anyone who was already streaming on your account - it can take up to 8 hours for the other stream to stop automatically if it's left running.
If the stream is stopped, it shouldn't take more than 5 minutes for it to become available to you again. This is also true if a device was turned off or lost internet connection whilst streaming.

If it happens again tomorrow, please let me know and I'll get a colleague to investigate.
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Re: Error code LP103

Hi DarrenDev


Not sure if I can post on the same thread but I'm also having the same issue - LP103 


There's no way anyone else has my log-in so I can't understand why I can't view anything. I've totally missed tonight's Champions Leagues games. Hugely frustrating 

Can you possibly check to see if/where my details have been used?


Many thanks in advance 

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Re: Error code LP103

@graydayslinks2021 did you use an iPhone, an Xbox, and a Fire TV this evening?

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Re: Error code LP103

Hi Darren - I attempted to watch on my iPad first and got the error, tried on my iPhone - same - tried also on the app on my LG Tv but got the same error on every device. If you mean specifically an Xbox and Fire Tv no defo not

Thanks Darren 

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Re: Error code LP103

In the last 24 hours, I'm seeing app activity on your account from a Samsung TV, an Xbox One, an iPad Air, and Amazon TV.  If they're not you, I suggest you change your password @graydayslinks2021 

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Re: Error code LP103

What about activity on my account please? 

I posted this issue but don't seem to have received the same level of investigation 

Can you please advise 


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Re: Error code LP103

Apologies @Di_Carter - it's a wording issue. You didn't specifically ask me/anyone to look, so I wasn't allowed, based on your original post.

Given that your password has already been changed, you should find that there's no issue anymore. Can you please confirm?

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Re: Error code LP103

Wow 😳🤯 that’s concerning! Thanks for looking into this.  I don’t even own an Xbox or Amazon TV! 😬

*Correction my TV is a Samsung not LG so that would have been me, as would the iPad. But when you say activity does that cover just being logged in alone? Because I couldn’t stream anything whatsoever on any device. The reason I ask that is, whether activity meant someone was actually watching content on a Samsung TV/iPad Air etc…in that case it wouldn’t have been me. 

In the event of something like this happening I changed my password last night whilst trying to stream. But one more question if I may, the person (s) is who is using my account on those devices - would they have to actually log out before they find they couldn’t log back in? Or will the fact I change my password mean they will immediately get (ironically) the error code I got  i’ve not been able to stream any content? 

i’m just now concerned if this person leaves the account permanently logged in then my changing of the password won’t make any difference? 


many thanks again for your help Darren, much appreciated

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Re: Error code LP103

Hi still a problem only able to view on one device. 

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