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Re: Error code WP015 on all on-demand videos.

Hi DanielS, thanks for taking the time to respond with the advice. Unfortunatley this hasn't resolved the issue. To recap, I CAN now watch live TV on my laptop, I CAN watch BTSport on my laptop, the only thing that doesn't work is on demand content. I believe live TV and BTsport both require  IE11 with Silverlight to stream correctly, is that true? If so, it doesn't explain why Live TV and Sport are both fine, but on demand gives error WP015. Surely it must be a server streaming error?

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Re: Error code WP015 on all on-demand videos.

Hi, I've done that, and also tried all of the fixes in the following threads, all to no avail. The MS script never executes correctly - it unistalls SL but always fails at the point it tries to reinstall. Manual reinstall of SL doesn't fix. I've tried both the "push button" and "notepad" approaches in the link you provided. Neither works.

The last fix I tried caused your system to no longer recognise my registered computer. I have deleted it from its device slot, but I can't re-register it to  see if things have improved at all for the best part of a month month. When I used the webchat to ask your "customer services" operative in the Indian callcentre to reset my registered device slots, they just ended the conversation without warning. When I called (and got the Indian call centre of course) the preson at the other end couldn't understand what I was aksing them to do becuase it wasn't on their script. I know this can be done, becuase one of your team hsa done it for me previously.

I was expecting a callback from your technical team yesterday but it never materialised.

I'm on the brink on cancelling all of my BT services, TBH. If this is how bad things are now before your Chief Exec slashes thousands of staff, I'm not keen to hang around to see how much worse it gets.


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Re: Error code WP015 on all on-demand videos.


If this is truly a Silverlight error (I have doubts) it's plainly something to do with how your On-Demand service interacts with the device certificate. The fact that I am able to watch live channels through the BT TV web player indicates that it is not an error with the device certificate itself.

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Re: Error code WP015 on all on-demand videos.

@TrevXeinterestingly I had a very similar online chat as you did. I was told it was my device at fault, though this cannot be the case. I also asked to revert back to my smartphone through manage devices as I clearly couldn't use my laptop, knowing that 30 days needed to pass before I could legitimately do this; the operator told me that this was not a problem and to follow a provided link to revert immediately. When I asked him to stay connected whilst I did this in case of any issues, he hurriedly left the chat. I subsequently did not receive the chat transcript via email, as per normal, and the 'satifaction' rating window didn't pop up either. This does seem a little suspect to me. There simply must be an issue with on demand streaming which BT are aware of but won't admit to...surely?

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Re: Error code WP015 on all on-demand videos.

@TrevXe and @fugee this fault has been reported to our BT TV Experts for further investigations and as soon as we have any updates we'll get back in touch.

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Re: Error code WP015 on all on-demand videos.

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Re: Error code WP015 on all on-demand videos.

@Neil0 thank you, much appreciated.
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Re: Error code WP015 on all on-demand videos.

@fugee The TV team have updated me on your case and advised this is a silverlight issue and have recommended the following steps. 

Reinstall Silverlight
Delete the licence store - C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\PlayReady\mspr.hds
Try the MS Silverlight fix it tool -
Try running the web browser as administrator you should only need to do this once. (specifically right click the link to the browser and “Run as administrator”)
Try again from that admin browser window

If these checks don't work then there’s likely something about the PC that PlayReady just doesn’t like – could be a graphics driver, or connected display.

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Re: Error code WP015 on all on-demand videos.

@NeilO Thanks, I'll try that - it's quite similar to a fix I'd tried previously (in fact I think, but am not sure, that deleting mspr.hds might have been what caused the BT TV player to stop recognising my computer as a registered device).

Unfortunately, because the web player no longer recognises my machine as a registered device I'm unable to test any fixes (atleast not for the best part of another month). When I used the web chat and callcentre to ask them to reset my device slots the webchat person just ended the conversation and the callccentre person couldn't understand what I was asking them to do.

Could you possibly reset, or ask an appropriate person to reset, the device slots on my account?

Many thanks.
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Re: Error code WP015 on all on-demand videos.

Hi @TrevXe,

I gave your mobile number a quick call, I'm sorry I didn't get speaking to you today.

The reason for my call was to see how you got on with those steps as suggested by @NeilO?



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