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Re: Error code WP015 on all on-demand videos.

So my 30 days is up and I've add my laptop again and I'm still getting this error.

This is becoming a joke. I've now wasted another device. I have 1 device registered that refuses to let me watch ANYTHING on demand, live channels work fine.
I need to wait ANOTHER 30 days to add an alternative device.

I'd be more than happy to let the BT TV team have remote access to my system so they can sort this.

How do I go about getting my device limit reset in the mean time as I can't even watch what I'm paying for 😞

Phone support had no idea what I was talking about.
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Re: Error code WP015 on all on-demand videos.

I'm afraid that the last contact I've had with BT was along the lines of "Sorry, we've tried everything, it's just your bad luck that there's something odd with your system."

It's very interesting then to see that I'm by no means the only person having this problem.

Having now spent hours of my life trying to resolve this, here's the best advice I can offer to others trying to fix this issue:

1) DO NOT CALL THE GENERAL BT HELP LINE OR ATTEMPT TO USE WEB CHAT. You'll just go through to someone reading off a script in an Indian call centre who will not be able to help you, but will waste hours of your time making you do pointless things like resetting your BT TV box and asking you what channel number the problem relates to.

2) IF YOU NEED TO SPEAK TO SOMEONE WHO CAN ACTUALLY (POTENTIALLY) HELP, ASK TO BE PUT THROUGH TO THE CANCELLATIONS DEPARTMENT. When I did this they put me in contact with their specialist "tech team", which was progress, but didn't ultimately fix the problem. If the tech team are made aware that there are lots of people suffering this issue it might focus their minds a little...

3) THE MODS ON HERE HAVE BEEN THE MOST HELPFUL OF ANY OF THE (NUMEROUS) BT STAFF I'VE DEALT WITH SO FAR. If you contact them and ask them nicely for help I'm sure they will. For those of you seeking to reset device slots, the mods here helped to sort that out for me.

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Re: Error code WP015 on all on-demand videos.

Ive got the exact same problem with the error code, WP015, on my laptop, been like things for quite a while now, can watch live programmes, live BT Sport, but not the on-demand content, tried all the fixes that has been given out, nothing works, tried it again yesterday, same problem, have given up watching it on laptop now, we get a lot of visits from grandchildren who take over the TV, so it was perfect for me to keep watching something, especially the on demand things on BT...... given up in the end, got BT Extra Box instead.

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Re: Error code WP015 on all on-demand videos.

Has anyone got the new app to work? For some reason it doesn't recognise my computer as the same device. Thankfully only one day before I can try again.

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