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Error log -

After a lot of raising of helpdesk calls with BT IT after broadband dropout, speed drop, no bt vision etc  - I have to say they have been very nice on the telephone so not complaining there 🙂 I thought I'd have look at the error log and I have 6 months worth of this and similair which takes me back to the first reported issue - can anyone give me a clue as to what it might be suggesting?


Auto channel selection (reason 'Power up') is complete. Selected channel: 1, noise data: 1-(-118) 2-(-118) 3-(-118) 4-(-119) 5-(-119) 6-(-118) 7-(-118) 8-(-118) 9-(-118) 10-(-116) 11-(-115) 12-(-116) 13-(-117)


the channel - I know this is to try to avoid interference - is the thing that does keep changing as I assume the hub looks for a 'quieter' line - but what else does it suggest and is there anything I can do this end? Other then keep phoning in to say I've no broadband.


Thanks for any help or advice in advance LJJ

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Re: Error log -

Turn off smart wireless and lock it manually to one channel. This issue should not affect BT Vision.


Its more likely a connection issue.


To enable forum members to help you, could you please read the web page that is shown below, which asks you to do a few checks first, and has some helpful hints.

When you have done that, please follow the instructions at the end, and post the results here, so members can offer advice. Thank you.



Speed and disconnections

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