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Error message when trying to access the manage email option on my BT Premium email account

I migrated my BT Mail service to Premium on cancelling my broadband contract in early December 2020. A new account was set up for this purpose and a Direct Debit and the fees are now being taken.

Whenever I go into this account and click on "manage" for my email product I get an error message in a red banner saying:


Sorry, because of a technical error we're not able to continue at the moment. Please try again later."

It has been like this for about 2 months. I have reported it twice so far and nothing gets done about it. When I report it I also am told that the other family email addresses have not been migrated with the primary email so I give these details also. I have no means to check if this has been dealt with.

Can someone please explain what is going on?

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