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Error message when trying to send an email

Get an error message 'Cannot send mail' when try to send  email.  When trying to save the draft get similar message. Had this intermittently over the last week and been on BTMail for about three weeks. This is using my PC with Chrome Browser. No problem on iphone or ipad. 

Have also posted on corrupted attachments and lost contacts - please can someone (preferably in BT)  help as clearly as major problem with transfer? Many thanks

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Re: Error message when trying to send an email

Hi @IMacD sorry that you are having difficulty sending email via your PC but it works ok on your Ipad and Iphone. To help with this issue would you clear your cookies and cache and test with Incognito mode on Chrome and also would you test on a different browser and let us know how you get on?




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Re: Error message when trying to send an email

Hi John


Many thanks for your reply. Have cleared my cookies and cache and tried on Internet Explorer. Fine on IE. On Chrome, the problem reoccurred. It is intermittent - it appears to be with those emails which are long and where I add  word attachments and do that before I type the body of the email. A copy is in my drafts folder which will send but the word files are corrupted - they are zipped but cannot be opened by the recipient.

I have just tried adding composing my email, checking it in draft on my iphone and then attaching the two word attachments on the chrome draft version and sending it quickly. It has sent fine...... 

This is one of a number of problems that I have had with the migration - I lost my contacts and have had to recreate them so I am very unhappy and have lost trust in the system as too many people have received corrupted attachments from me. This is embarrassing and takes time to fix.

Thanks for your help. 

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Error message when trying to delete an email

Hi Migrated to BTMail a month ago and lots of problems since. This morning very very slow to load (Chrome Browser)   When it did and I tried to delete an email, got the message -  Unexpected error occurred. Husband's BTMail on Chrome is fine so far - he was migrated this week. 

Can someone from BT please help as had so many issues . Is fine on iphone and ipad but that is not where I do most of my work!l 


Many thanks

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Re: Error message when trying to delete an email

Hi John

Have already done this following your answer to my post on getting the same message  when trying to send an email. I have responded to you on that post. This error occurred  after I had done that.

Probably help if you view my other post - think there is a significant issue with my mail as I have had a lot of difficulties particularly in the last ten days. I am no further forward to fix it. Keen to improve the situation as don't want to be forced to change my email address. 



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Re: Error message when trying to delete an email

Hi @IMacD,

Thanks for replying back.

Going over your posts, you seem to only experience this post when using Google Chrome. It doesn't happen on IE or on your other devices.

Are you using this version of Chrome? Version 83.0.4103.116 (Official Build) (64-bit).

Do you have any other devices that have Chrome installed that you could test this on? 

If it works on the other device with Chrome, can you go into your settings in the Chrome browser you have problems with. Once you are in the settings, go to 'Advanced' and click the 'Reset and clean up' option? Next you should see 'Restore settings to their original defaults'. You don't have to do this if you don't want to but it may help.

Let me know if you decide to do this or not and let me know how you get on.



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Re: Error message when trying to delete an email

Hi Daniel

Many thanks. I have the up to date version of Chrome that you quote. Will try it my mail on my husband's PC which also has Chrome. However, the problem is intermittent which makes it difficult to recreate. I continue to have no problems on my iphone or ipad but only receive word documents and send short email. The problem is with sending long emails particularly those with word attachments where I only use my PC.

What would be the impact of doing the Reset and clean up etc option on Chrome? I have spent hours already post migration on reentering all my contacts, having to find ways round sending corrupt word documents and latterly recreating everything post clearing cookies and cache. Not keen on another large amount of remedial work unless it will solve the problem. 




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Error message when sending word attachment

Hi Daniel

My husband's email was migrated to BTMail last week. This morning for the first time, he tried to send an email with five word attachments and he has had exactly the same problems as me. It is on a completely different PC using Chrome.  What we have both found if that the email is composed and then the word files attached and sent very quickly it is OK. Is it something with the autosave into drafts? May be a setting we have upset? If we send it successfully, below the word attachments in the email it offers the option of  saving as zip file. Apparently the files that people cant read are zip files which the recipient can not open.

Grateful for help in moving forward - we are both at our wits end as we work from home, use a lot of word attachments  and this is taking hours of our time.


Many thanks 


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