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Error with my broadband account, overcharged

I live in a village where we are some distance away from the telephone exchange. The whole village experiences very slow speeds. We have petitioned to BT to have the line speed increased, but this is another story.


The speed I am currently experiencing is:

1.93 gbs download

0.32 gbs upload


For the last few years, BT have said my usage is half (approx 5 GB) my limit of 10 GB


This changed in September 2013 BT said my usage increased to 23GB!!!


I was very suspicious of this as I work during the week and am away most evenings. I am not able to watch UTube videos due to my slow internet speed. Pages take forever to load, and skype etc is impossible. I changed my internet password.


BT advised me to connect a cable directly to the modem, I did this, however this has had no effect on my connection speed.


BT have sent me an email saying my usage so far for October (1st-10th October 2013) has gone up to 15.58GB!! 


I called technical support on 10th October. Spoke to an operator - explained the problem and asked if they could investigate. The operator hung up after about 30 minutes. I called back and was told it was a billing problem.


I called billing today (11th October) and spoke to 2 operators - all of them hung up after about 30 minutes. I called BT billing again and told the operator that I am recording the conversation (as I have done with all the previous BT calls). The 3rd operator didnt hang up and said this look unusual and said BT would waive the extra broadband call charges for the extra amount used and advised me to call technical support for them to investigate. 


I haven't called technical support yet, but feel I am getting the run around. 


Is it usual to treat the customers this way? I have searched the internet and it seems I am not alone in experiencing excess broadband usage problems.


Is there anything else I can do to resolve this as I feel like just terminating my account. I have already paid years line rental in advance, however, I am disappointed with the customer services and worried about these unrealistic charges.



Paul Clarke

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Re: Error with my broadband account, overcharged

Welcome to this forum.
This is a customer to customer forum only, where forum members, who are only BT customers, can help each other with BT Retail products and services.

Anything you post here does not go to BT. Although the forum is moderated by BT, not all posts are read.

Here is a guide to broadband usage.

Why is my broadband usage so high?

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Re: Error with my broadband account, overcharged

Hi Paul
I have just found your post and have also just been billed for a huge hike in my usage - usually I use about 15Gb a month but October was 59Gb. I've mailed BT but no reply as yet. I know I didn't ise that much as my sepped here is just 1.3Mbps - I too live in the sticks.
Did you ever get your issue resolved.
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Re: Error with my broadband account, overcharged

have you checked out the link above to see if helps you
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Re: Error with my broadband account, overcharged


You should read messages properly first before posting a reply. I know this is a consumer only forum. I am discussing BTs awful service with other BT customers. Don't assume everyone is in the wrong!
As mentioned above, I am not able to download large files, watch videos, skype etc etc. So sending me a link saying perhaps I am using iPlayer, Skype etc too much could be a cause is really wasting my time!!
It's people like you that make BT the useless company that it is!!

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Re: Error with my broadband account, overcharged

Hi Richard,
BT have finally made a preliminary investigation after nearly 3 months of me complaining. They have agreed that there does seem to be a fault on my line. I have also mentioned this problem to my neighbours and they too are being sent high usage emails from BT!! It's really pointless working with a company like BT. They seem to spend the whole time asking me to upgrade to an unlimited package!! - that would mean commiting to 12 contract!!
Personally I hate the company, but unfortunately there does not seem to be much better.
I have finally (after speaking to various BT managers) been promised a refund for the 2x £15 charges (total £30). I haven't received the money yet, however I won't give up. I wish I could also charge them for my time, days spent etc in getting them to achnoledge there is a fault!
Best of luck. Record all your calls with them, and don't give up!
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Re: Error with my broadband account, overcharged


You're wasting my time. Read posts properly before you keep posting and looking for praise!!!!
My speed is very slow... BT have admitted this. You should think about your own company's faults too before jumping to the conclusion that it is the consumers fault.
No wonder BT is in the state it is in with people like you working for them!!!
Don't contact me again unless you have something sensible to say!!

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Re: Error with my broadband account, overcharged

Hi hunterclarke,

Welcome to the forum.

Keith_Beddoe and john46 don't work for BT, they are normal BT customers who spend some of their free time offering advice on the boards. Sorry for the confusion there.

It sounds like this is in hand, but if you need any help with this do send us your details and we'll get back to you.

You can find our contact link by clicking on my username, it'll be under "About me".


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Re: Error with my broadband account, overcharged

After my initial post on here and complaining continuously to BT, my usage has mysteriously come down to the usual 6GB each month. I'm really suspicious of this, as my internet usage hasn't changed in the 10 years I have been with BT. I have since made a complaint to Ofcom and have told them, I can also make available the recorded conversations I have had in the 3 months it has taken to resolve this. I'm not the only consumer BT has tried to defraud, and I will try and help the fight for the good customer service and fair pricing that we all deserve.

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