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Errors suddenly appeared on MY BT Details

This is a question about my MY BT details and therefore is probably best addressed by the mods please.

There is a message for me on MyBT which states "Don't forget your broadband discount's ending" but my contract doesn't expire until March 2022, is it normal to give 6 months notice of contract renewal or is this an error.

There is suddenly one more mobile SIM on my account than there should be and I didn't request it and have no idea where it has come from, could you investigate this please

Please help the community to help you by including all relevant information, single word responses may be quick to type but they offer little value to this Community Forum and do not help its team of volunteer members to help you.
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Re: Errors suddenly appeared on MY BT Details

Hi, @Les-Gibson  Thanks for the post, we should only be sending you an end of contract notification between 40 and 10 days before your contract is due to finish so that doesn't sound correct. I'll send you a private message so you can get in touch and we'll be happy to get the discount and sim issues looked into.



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