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Ethernet sockets

Hi, i have just moved to a new build with FTTP which comes in under the stairs where the router has been connected. Wifi works great in almost every room but when i tried to use an ethernet port in the living room it does not work. I connected a cat 5e cable from the router to the ethernet port under the stairs with the impression that it would make port in the living room live. I'm just wondering is its possible i have done something wrong or does it sound like a wiring issue with the house? Thanks

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Re: Ethernet sockets

Assuming you have connected the correct socket up with an ethernet cable into your hub that is all you would need to do.

You could unscrew the sockets to check there is no loose wiring.

Suggest you go back to the developers to get them to check the cabling. 

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Re: Ethernet sockets

Sounds line the Ethernet hasn’t been wired up correctly. 

As above get the Developer out to check it. I just hope they haven’t done what ‘My Mate Sparky Dave’ did on a New Build Site round my way and connect 6 Ethernet Sockets up using a Daisy Chain and Star Wired Formation. No wonder there’s so many complaints about the quality of new builds 👍.

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