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Ethernet wired conenction and speed of the WI-FI networks


I hope you stay safe..

I hope you will be able to help as I have several questions regarding Ethernet wired connection and speed of the Wi-Fi in this regard.

So I have the router model Bt SmartHub(Home-Hub 6) Fibre FTTC ADSL broadband Wireless router.

Below specification of the item-apologies for longish:






Wired-Ethernet (RJ-45), Wireless-Wi-Fi 802.11a, Wireless-Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Wireless-Wi-Fi 802.11b, Wireless-Wi-Fi 802.11g, Wireless-Wi-Fi 802.11n

Custom Bundle:


Supported Wireless Protocols:

Wireless-Wi-Fi 802.11ac



Network Connectivity:

Wireless-Wi-Fi 802.11ac


Infinity, VDSL, FTTC, Dual Band, USB, ADSL, Beamforming, Dual-Band


BT & Plusnet Smart Hub (Home Hub 6)

Modified Item:


To Fit:


Max. LAN Data Rate:




Max. Wireless Data Rate:


Country/Region of Manufacture:

United Kingdom

Item Length:

22.5 cm

Maximum LAN Data Rate:

1000 Mbps

Item Height:

19.5 cm

Manufacturer Warranty:

1 year

Item Width:

3.9 cm

Maximum Wireless Data Rate:

1750 Mbps

Number of LAN Ports:



RJ-11, Ethernet (RJ-45), USB 3.0





So my question is how this  one wired ethernet connection- 20m Ethernet Cable RJ45 cat5e UTP for PC to Router/Modem- standard one,  significantly  affect WI-FI connections -if at all ??

We recently experienced wireless connections problems  on this device being at some point bit slow  at both levels  2.4 and 5g and  at different time and cutting occasionally.

Ethernet connection  on this (router) I  mainly use to watch YouTube at medium quality, and  other movies, nothing really demanding there -also I make sure my wireless is always   off on my laptop when cable connected ,in addition I connect ethernet to different ports  and firstly   is there any difference for the transmission of data  for any of the Ethernet ports and their speed ?? or they all the same ??

Second if I create wifi hotspot through Ethernet would this affect wireless at any point somehow ??

I need to understand how this only one connection could affect wireless -the thing is on hub manager these two are separated so it doesn't look to me that it would have any impact on the speed of the wireless  ?? also  I was  conducting wireless  tests on  my devices/laptop with  my flat mate devices in various places in the house  and when ethernet was on/off results varied anyway but in both situations wireless signal  and connection was very irregular, it kept  jumping between -5 mbps sometimes -up to 40 mbps depending on device too or place of testing, but I   have noticed that disconnecting or connecting ethernet cable made no difference whatsoever  ,even whilst playing YouTube  at quality 480?? In my view it makes no difference but my good flat mate is passionate that it makes significant difference to the WI-FI and its speed overall ,claiming that  this single wired connection could be taking around 15-20mbs of wi-fi at the time . Please  I need confirmation from one of the professional and any other members  here  as I feel bit puzzled  and I would like to  get if possible clear clarification and explanation how it works and what is possible in such scenario and what is absolutely out the question.

Also what is relation on the Hub device between Ethernet connection/port and wireless connections ?? are they any  possibilities where one connection could  affect or hit  other and vice versa.

In advance thank you so much and I  will appropriate level of knowledge provided with this problem.

Have a lovely day and I’m awaiting for your  prompt response.


Best wishes




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Re: Ethernet wired conenction and speed of the WI-FI networks

Analysing WiFi is a seriously involved process that requires seriously expensive kit.

I take a simpler and cheaper approach...

Use wired Ethernet when ever possible.

When I have to use WiFi from my router ensure that I use the least congested channels and 5Ghz band if possible.

If I have to add a WiFi point to another part of the house repurpose an old router for this and set a different Ssid and channel, otherwise use a Powerline adapter but always wired cable whenever possible.

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Re: Ethernet wired conenction and speed of the WI-FI networks

I'm an elderly gent, fairly tech enabled, but can't find an answer to a simple question. Perhaps you can help. I never use wi-fi and always plug directly into an ethernet port on Smart Hub 2 (I have disabled the hub wi-fi).

I have now added a second desktop computer, both identical, same make, specs and OS. Once I have prepared and loaded the second computer, can I simply plug it into a second ethernet port on my Smart Hub 2? Would both computers work OK for internet access or would it throw up obstacles?

Many Thanks.


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Re: Ethernet wired conenction and speed of the WI-FI networks


It will work just fine.

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Re: Ethernet wired conenction and speed of the WI-FI networks

Good man! It's taken me a fortnight to get such a simple and reassuring answer.

Very grateful

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