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Exceessive bills

For the last 4 years I have had BT Option 1, my wife has said to me I was paying too much for my phone line and I assumed it was a few pounds compared with other suppliers, it turns out I have been paying £60 a month and I only realised this week how much it was. I have been paying for exceeding the 10GB download limit every month for the past 4 years....


I called Bt and they said they have been sending notifications to an email address I never use, they have never written to me to offer me a different package or tried to call me to say wait you could have unlimited downloads every month and that would be cheaper.


Ok I feel stupid because I should have noticed I was paying too much but surely after 4 years of exceeding the download limits every month you would have thought BT would have contacted me directly to say look we have a cheaper option, or better still automatically swapped me over to a better package.


I would like to know why this stuation was allowed to continue for so long and what my options are regarding getting some of this money back.




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Re: Exceessive bills

It's even worse than you think..


It turns out that BT will only send you notification that you are about to go over your monthly usage allowance to an email account that they set up for you. It takes them some time to tell you about this email address, and then they seem to prefer to do it over the phone when you ring up to complain. The one they set up for me seems designed to be impossible to understand when read out as it repeats my surname twice and generally makes no sense.


I complained about this and was told it's BT's policy not to send information about exceeding my usage to the email I receive billing information on. When I got an email about this, I think the person meant the same thing, but they didn't really know how to write in English so I remain confused.


I really don't accept that they can't send information that would help me manage my usage to the same address they send biling information to. If I continue to get nonsensical emails and calls, I will speak to Ofcom.


Why did I switch?



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Re: Exceessive bills



Unfortunately I think it's very unlikely that BT would refund you any money that you've paid as a result of going over your broadband usage allowance. BTs policy of only sending usage allowance emails to addresses that end in can be frustrating, but the warning emails are just to allow you to take immediate action during the month. The fact that you'd gone over your usage allowance would have been clearly displayed on each of your bills (I believe alongside a recommendation to upgrade) and the usage can also be tracked on a daily basis on the BT website. BT also operate outbound call centres which phone up customers with high broadband usage and encourage them to upgrade to a higher tariff/add on BT Vision to control how much data is downloaded, but if you've declined marketing calls from BT then you won't receive anything like this.

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Re: Exceessive bills

Some Success!


I received an email saying that in future, I will be notified when we near our usage amount at my usual email account!


I'm not sure I agree that BT include a suggestion to upgrade on their bills as such a suggestion has never appeared on any of my bills. It is surely in BT's interest to get as much cash as possible from customers; so allowing us to exceed our usage and not suggesting we change to a different contract means they can keep charging for excess usage. I have certainly never been contacted to discuss changing my tariff.


Glad I'm getting a warning of exceeding the usage, but still cynical!  

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Re: Exceessive bills

I would like to know when BT started to charge for excess use of BB?


The reason I am asking is that it is only in the last 2 months that I have

been charged £20 for each month.  (I have not changed my internet

habits within these months).


I have now changed my options to be warned by email when I am about

to go "over".  Also, I have discovered how to check my daily usage.  I am

now left with only 3.39 GBs and it's only the 11th of the month!  I have

the BB basic package.


I would also like to know if there is a way to check usage on individual

wireless sets within the house?  I have 2 tenants in my house, each of

whom has a wireless attached to my computer.  It wasn't a problem to

me at first because I was told it would not alter my bill in any way, which

it didn't up until the last couple of months.


I know that one of my tenants downloads games, wathes movies etc. so I can

only assume that it is because of this that I am experiencing this excess.


I would be grateful for any advise/answers to my questions and also, should

I upgrade my BB?  I am annoyed at having to consider this because if it was

only for my own use, I don't think I would need to do this.


I am assuming there is no way of knowing how much BB is used by an

individual in a household, so how would I charge my tenants for their use?


I thank you in advance for any replies

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Re: Exceessive bills

Firstly you can have your warning and over usage emails sent to any email address, if you dont provide one when ordering then it will be sent to your BT email address which is cleary stated on the order and again confirmed in the order confirmation with the password.


I think the way usage is charged is fair as for the first month of going over your not even charged and your bill cleary states that you have gone over giving you plenty of time to upgrade before any charges are due.


Also every bill states the amount you have gone over and the cost which again gives you options to upgrade.


As its been ongoing for so long BT may give you the usgae charge back for one month if you upgrade but you wont get any more than that.

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Re: Exceessive bills

Gemini... Watching movies, downloading games, youtube, iplayer, xbox live etc all use alot of your usage if the tenants are going to keep this up you are wise to upgrade.









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Re: Exceessive bills

Thanks, justatwork for your reply but i still don't know if there is a way of knowing what my tenants are using? How can I charge them fairly if I don't know? Remember that if I do have to upgrade, it's because of them! (I don't think I'm a mean!!)
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Re: Exceessive bills

Have you tried checking on the bt online usgae checker?

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Re: Exceessive bills

Please see my post:


Billing and Customer Service is not one of BT's strong points, come to think of it, I'm not sure anything really is!



Please see my story:
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