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Excellent speeds - Then fault - now good Down speed but very poor Upload



A little explination.


Previously had excellent speeds both up and down 2Mbps/11Mbps


Then had really bad noisy line, which kept dropping out giving our alarm systems faults and also loosing broadband - this has been fixed now by BT changing the circuit (apparently) and the quiet line test is very quiet (!)


But now we have slightly lower download (10Mbps) but very poor (Compared to the original) of 0.3Mbps.


I'm using a Billion 7800N router (which was used previously) and this reports a SNR of between 6.0 and 6.8 - from what I can tell this is marginal.


I've tried my BT HomeHub and it drops out pretty much continuosly making it useless.


Here is the dump from my monitoring (after putting the billiion back on line) and leaving it for a little while;


adsl: ADSL driver and PHY status
Status: Showtime
Retrain Reason: 8000
Max: Upstream rate = 886 Kbps, Downstream rate = 13056 Kbps
Path: 0, Upstream rate = 446 Kbps, Downstream rate = 10970 Kbps

Link Power State: L0
Mode: ADSL2+
Trellis: U:ON /D:ON
Line Status: No Defect
Training Status: Showtime
Down Up
SNR (dB): 6.4 26.3
Attn(dB): 35.0 20.8
Pwr(dBm): 19.7 12.3
ADSL2 framing
MSGc: 55 14
B: 120 46
M: 2 1
T: 3 1
R: 12 14
S: 0.7011 3.2972
L: 2898 148
😧 2 8
SF: 287023 280330
SFErr: 0 0
RS: 26262656 1310390
RSCorr: 55 0
RSUnCorr: 0 0
ReXmt: 176 0
ReXmtCorr: 165 0
ReXmtUnCorr: 0 0


I would assume that I should be able to get better upload speed (800k?) and perhaps even better download (13M?) but I'm quite happy with current speed its the upload which is the problem.


Mainly as I'm using a Vodafone SureSignal and the currently upload rate is marginal and give me bad call qaulity !


Any ideas - Can any of the clever Mods give me an explination or perhaps help ?




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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Excellent speeds - Then fault - now good Down speed but very poor Upload

Welcome to this user forum.


The upstream connection speed should eventually improve, as the max rate is showing as 886 Kbps.


It can take a bit longer for DLM sort itself out, as the priority is normally to get the downstream rate back to normal.


Leave it alone for a couple of weeks, and if the upload does not improve, then a single restart or line disconnection should cause it to reconnect at a higher upload speed.


I get a similar issue on my line, where a burst of noise, or someone disturbing the line, causes errors on the upstream band, and it reconnects at a lower speed.

Because the line has a good connection history, a restart of the home hub fixes the problem.


There is some info about how things work on this thread.


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Re: Excellent speeds - Then fault - now good Down speed but very poor Upload



Thanks you for the response, I will leave it and check back in 10 days and see how it goes.


Fingers crossed 🙂



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