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Excessive BT Mobile Data Readings/Charges

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I'm on the cheaper BT Mobile plan with 500MB of data per month because I use less than 10MB of data ever month simce I moved to BT Mobile when the service started.


At 14:07 today I received an SMS from BT Mobile staing that I used 400MBs of my allocated 500MBs of data, I knew this was incorrect so opened the BT Mobile app to check what was going on, I tried this 3 or 4 times but kept getting told that there was an issue obtaining updated data and that I should try later.


At 14:19 I received a second text advising me that I'd passed my allocated 500MBs that charges would be incurred and tha tI should check the BT Mobile app. Again I tried this but was still getting the same error when it was accesing my data. That's a 100MBs used in only 12 minutes.


At 14:26 I received a third text which then advised me that I'd reached my £50 of additional usage data charges and the text was to warn me about that.


BT finally let me access the app and I was shocked to see that I'd gone from 400MB at 14:07 GB at 14:28 which is physically impossible. I logged into the account online to see that although it doesn't give specific times, the entire 1GB of data usage all happened in the same day. Now bear in mind how much data I use every other month sinc BT Mobile started and the fact that my phone hasn't even been out of the house today and each time I've usd it it's been connected to my WiFi connection.


This is disgusting, it's just physically imposible for my phone to do what's been suggested by BT. Even if I'd spent all day trying to use mobile data, I don't live in an area that would even let me download that that much data in a day. What BT are suggesting is physically impossible where I live.


I really don't want to be wasting more of my time having to phone people overseas who just arenlt going to understand how ridicuolous this so I really need one of BT''s employees who work on here to take ownership of this and remedy the issue and to also ensure that it's never allowed to happen again.

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Re: Excessive BT Mobile Data Readings/Charges

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Hi @JP-online Sorry you are having a problem with your BT Mobile usage. You would be best to contact the BT Mobile Chat team and they will be best able to help you with your complaint. 





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