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Expensive call out charge of £129.99 for a fault

I have complained today regarding a £129.99 call out charge for an engineer. Firstly I get a call from an engineer who says that contractors in my village cut through a telephone wire that is affecting my phone line and it is being fixed so the phone will be back on in the next few hours. He did say he would be with me within 30 minuted but never showed up, however within the hour my phone line worked and spoke to the service team to tell them this. 2 days later an engineer turns up unexpectedly just to check the line, I told the engineer that everything was fine but he said he better check, he checked the line and said it was fine but my BT master socket was very old and that he will replace it as he has a spare one in the van, I said ok as long as I don't get charged for it, he said he'd get it. I was then shocked to get a £130 bill and when I complained I was told that the fault was due to corrosion and damp? Very strange considering at the time there was no fault. It is also located on an internal wall and I definitely don't have damp. My complaint has been escalated but I have now found this on another thread:
You'll have to pay £129.99 for a visit if our engineer finds that the problem is with:
Your main socket, due to damage you've caused
Your home wiring beyond the main socket (for example, your phone extensions). This includes damage you've caused

So are they saying that it is my fault regarding the main socket? I would know if something had been spilt on it and considering it's on an internal wall that's very unlikely. I feel like Bt are calling me a liar as they now say they can't see anything from the original engineer that called me. This is an absolute disgrace is anyone else having this sort of problem?
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Re: Expensive call out charge of £129.99 for a fault

Once the Forum Mods have read your post they will post an invite here once you reply to them they will take personal ownership of the problem until resolved.
Do not send them a Personal Message as this is the incorrect contact method and cannot be properly tracked also the mod contacted may not be on shift for sometime and this will delay your help

The forum mods normally reply within 3/5 working days after you have contacted them
They will contact you personally by email or phone  




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Re: Expensive call out charge of £129.99 for a fault

Hi Sarapalmer,


Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting about the engineer visit charge.  We'll be happy to investigate this further for you if you use the 'contact the mods' link in my forum profile to send in your details. You can find the link by clicking on my username.



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