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Exporting Contacts

Hi -  in total frustration with the recent "upgrade" of the BT Email software that was foisted on me unbidden  - what a crock of s***! - I decided to switch back to Outlook.  I have tried exporting my Contacts and guess what? The routine doesn't work! A pointless 30 mins on a chat line confirmed that they think it is a bug and "surely it will be reported to our tech team". At which point I realised that I am trapped with 400+ contacts stuck in BT until the bug is fixed and lost the will to live! What an appalling indictment of the software development team in BT to have released a version so riddled with bugs and design faults. I guess the cynical release strategy was "Put it out there and let the punters report the bugs".

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Re: Exporting Contacts

Hi NitramDraddog

I wonder if you ever got a reply or solution to this?  I have a new laptop and now access the awful BT internet email account via a mail client instead of a browser (don't imagine that I understand what all this means).  Anyway there are now no contacts in it at all, though the address is unchanged.  I can go back to the old laptop but it doesn't offer me any means of making a list of contacts, for example in Excel, that I can send to the new machine. I see your problem was almost a year ago - how did you deal with it in the end?

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Re: Exporting Contacts


If you saved your contacts on your BT email account when you used a browser, which is known as webmail, it means that they are saved on the BT server and can only be accessed by loging onto your email account via a browser.

An email client is a program that you use to access your email from the BT server. If you are now using a new laptop and now access your email via an email client and not a web browser your contacts will not show up in the email client.

You will need to export them from your webmail and then import them to your email client.

To export them from webmail you need to log onto your BT email account using a browser.

Once there click on the Contacts button in the menu bar. This will bring up all your contacts.

If you then click on the "More" button and you will see a drop down box. Select "Export Contacts". Click Yes in the next box and then select CSV and enter a file name. Click submit. Assuming you are using W10 this will save the file to your download folder. 

You now open up your email client and depending on which client you are using you need to go to the settings and find "Import" and follow the prompts to import the contacts file you saved in your download folder.

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Re: Exporting Contacts

Tried this tonight - still not working as far as I can see - there is a Submit rather than a Save button once you have chosen a name. Press it and you're back in Contacts. Nothing appeared in my W10 Downloads folder.

I continue to hate this 'upgrade'

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Re: Exporting Contacts

I have just tested it and it all worked fine for me. Did you select the tick the box to the left of the contacts then click "Submit" which was formally known as "Save".

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Re: Exporting Contacts

I don't get a tick box - just a couple of radio buttons for CSV and vCard



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Re: Exporting Contacts

You need to tick the box next to the contacts you want to export prior to starting the process.

If you want to export them all tick the box at the top of the list and it will place a tick beside all of your contacts.

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Re: Exporting Contacts

I did all that too :O(

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Re: Exporting Contacts

Thank you Distinguished Sage. As my problem was over a year ago, and I am very much over the hill, I can't remember how I fixed it but probably by following your advice - anyway something worked. But I still hate BT email, and the mail client is no better, suddenly deciding to stop the sync function so nothing since mid April has been sent or received.  Gone back to web browser, grumbling.

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