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Extending Broadband to outbuildings

Hi all,

My in-laws have a rather long house so have their BT Homehub 3 (type A) in their hallway.


Two netgear repeaters in the sunlounge at the far end of the house.


They need to extend their WiFi roughly 50ft to their holiday let and we are unsure of how to do this. We're presuming external aerial, one located in line with the hub and the other on the holiday let, across the garden, with clear slight.


Could someone advise what product we need? Is this hub up to the job or should we upgrade?


We have tried one of the Netgear extender's out in the let and it's minimal connection, very weak.

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Re: Extending Broadband to outbuildings

if you use the hub and manage to get a connection you will open up your network to whoever uses the holiday let.  You really need third party router which has guest network facility

if only 50ft away can you not run an Ethernet cable from hub to holiday let?

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Re: Extending Broadband to outbuildings


Upgrade is not going to help, as wifi power levels are the same for all routers, this is a UK regulation.

The best option would be to run an Ethernet cable from the home hub to the holiday let, and then connect a wireless access point to the end, like the TP Link WA801ND at about £20.

External Ethernet cable is quite cheap, a 30m length costs about £21, that would give you spare at each end.

As @imjolly  says, whichever way you do it, you would be responsible for any unauthorized usage by guests.


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