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Extension rings just once following Infinity install

Bit of advice on how to deal with the result of an Infinity upgrade would be appreciated please.

Firstly, before the Infinity upgrade I had ADSL and everything was working perfectly. I had a master socket that my DSL modem was connected to (no phone connected to the other output) and a standard voice phone in another room on an extension.

On Friday the engineer came from Openreach to upgrade to Infinity. The internet connection is working fine at the speed predicted. But, the phone on the extension socket now rings just once when a call is received. If I happen to hear it and pick it up then the voice call works fine and I can make outgoing calls no problem.

If I put the phone in the 2nd socket on the Openreach faceplate then it rings continuously.

I have spoken to BT "support" and they are saying they will charge me £99 to send out an engineer to fix it. I told them again and again that it worked before the Infinity upgrade but now doesn't.

He went on to say that the wiring might need to be reconfigured whatever that means and that the wiring to my house had been changed from copper to fibre!!!

How can this be my problem and be chargeable to me ? As far as I am concerned whatever the engineer did has stopped something working and I should not be paying for it.

My issue is that their engineer replaced the old ADSL faceplate with a new Openreach one and in doing so stopped the extension ringing properly. It worked before his visit and not afterwards.

My internal wiring was fine before the visit. Now it seemingly is not.

All he seemed to do while I watched was change the faceplate.

I am struggling to see how this can be anything other than something the engineer has done


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Re: Extension rings just once following Infinity install

It could be something the installer didn't do, rather than something he did.  As well as connecting the faceplate/infinity at the master socket he should have ensured that the rest of the wiring was appropriate; at least the rest of the Openreach wiring.


Do you know how the extension is wired?  One possible problem is if it is wired from a junction box between the incoming line and the master socket.  Such wiring was fine for pre-broadband and (with appropriate filters) for ADSL; but is not appropriate for FTTC and the filtered faceplate.  However, even though that would cause problems, they wouldn't usually match those you are seeing.


Whatever, it seems clear that it was a faulty installation and that BT Retail/BT Openreach should fix it for you.  Probably worth contacting the mods at:  But be aware they take 3 working days to reply: sometimes more if busy.

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Re: Extension rings just once following Infinity install

The ring wire was not connected to my extension.


I know most modern phones dont need it but my BT/Siemens DECT model seemingly does.


The wire must have been connected before the Infinity install so it's a bit disappointing that the installer simply assumed it wasn't needed when fitted the new face plate. Or it fell out as he was putting it back together which I doubt.


Borrowed an insertion tool and all working properly again.


Speedtest might be giving slightly lower results but too early to say and its not enough to bother me anyway.

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