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Extra channels that I havnt purchased coming up on free youview box

I currently own the free and unrecordable version of the BT you view box.

I have added the BT sport channels which I know I get free with the TV box. However when scrolling though the TV guide I can see the channel for Sky Sports 1 and 2. I have not asked for them as I know they are an extra charge but when I click on the channel it asks if i "would like to set up this channel now", which it did with the BT sport on first click.

If i say yes will i get charged for the Sky Sports channels automatically?

I have a lodger and a brother who comes over a lot. Im not saying they would but I just didnt want the channel to be "set up" by mistake and then get charged for it


If any light could be shed on this then it would be great.


Thanks in advance.



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Re: Extra channels that I havnt purchased coming up on free youview box

All available channels come up on the EPG, for some peculiar reason BT YouView requires a 'pull request' from the box to acquire the content of new subscribed internet channels, this is what the set-up request does. If you are not subscribed the servers reject the request and tell you so, asking the viewer to subscribe. Sending a set-up request itself does not implement any form of charging. 

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