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Extreme Speed Variations - When will it be fixed

I live on the Isle of Mull off the West Coast of Scotland and like most of my neighbours I am suffering severe degregation in my download speed between 4pm and 10pm.  At 07:23 this morning the download speed was 6.71 but yesterday afternoon the speed at 16:15 was .962 and then varied up and down to a low of .481 until at 19:00 when I tried to use BT's line checker the internet failed altogether and I couldn't even get this forum to work.  At 19:28 I managed to do a speed check the speeds then were .294 and upload .384    At that point I just gave up and switched my machine off and went and watched some satellite television.


I am giving serious thought to finding the cheapest broadband provider and getting the cheapest broadband deal as there is no point in my paying BT £21 a month for unlimited broadband when it drops off so badly it is just unuseable.


Can anyone tell me when the broadband connections to the mainland hubs are going to be made fit to support the number of customers using broadband on the Isle of Mull. 


The mind just boggles - BT has just had installed a fiber optic cable that runs from Tobermory, past my front door and out to Calgary and yet, as I understand it, there are no plans as yet to make use of this for the forseable future Smiley Sad Smiley Sad

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Re: Extreme Speed Variations - When will it be fixed

it is not your ISP BT Retail that owns/repairs the lines it is openreach which although part of the BT Group has no more direct contact then any other ISP


you can check your exchange here

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