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Extremely Long Wait For WIFI!

Hello, after a random search i just stumbled across this community page, and i came across @Frustrated38  post about his very long wait for his broadband installation. i was shocked to realise that i wasn't the only one going through the same issue. I have currently been waiting since March 2020 for FTTH, i have sent dozens of complants to BT, and funnily enough almost every time we receive a call saying our complaint is being dealt with and then 5-10 minutes later an email saying ' your complaint has been cancelled'!

It almost feels like there is a Monopoly going on where BT are practically the only company that can provide good and stable Internet and they dont feel the need to treat every customer equally.

To explain my story- we have been waiting for years (ever since we moved into our house) for broadband, we have a phone line installed but the speeds were horrendous - around 5-10mb up and down, so we have not used it for around 5 years and instead use 4g mobile data which gives us around 35mb up and down. So we applied as soon as we could on march 28th 2020, Next day an engineer shows up (very promising) and explains to us that our neighbours both had FTTH installed around 1 year ago! and we got no information, no letter and certainly no broadband. but we went ahead with trying to figure out a plan,we would need a 400+ metre ditch and cable pulled in, so instead because we have security cameras we have a multi core fibre that they'd be able to tap into. and here is where all of the issues started, we were told that both of our neighbours had patched or buried the CBT so that we could not connect to theres and that wed need to install our own node. They gave us a date of AUGUST 2020 which was perfect! however a week before It was due to be installed however due to covid (we think) we Got a new date of June (still not bad at all). and then once again it was pushed back to JULY 2020, and once again a week before a new date was given SEPTEMBER 2020. Multiple complaints were given. WE then decided to change plan, considering BT and openreach cant communicate. this plan was a 20m ditch and put the router at the end of our drive in a shed, there is no issue with that plan ( we have been told this by 3 BT engineers) however every time a new engineer turnesd up , they all have a diferent plan , one has 400m of cable, one says they needtraffic managment, the other says they dont need it and pulled the cable in, another wants us to pay £18000 to pull in a new line. Its crazy how a company so big can be so unorganised, so The most recent dates were JAN2021 , FEB 2021, April 2021 and Now JULY2021 (which we are almost 100% garuenteed to get given a new date at this point). 

Above is obviously a very brief and vague description of our experience with BT , we have been sat here waiting for over a year. with no solution or compensation that @Frustrated38 spoke about. however we were offered a 'free' 4g data modem package, which was nice until we got charged for it a couple days after receiving it? so we sent it streaight back , very similar to @Frustrated38 situation with tv.

i saw that @JohnC2  was being pretty helpful with the situation and i was wondering if i could also get some help considering ive had over 50 phone calls with BT explaining the same problem to a different person every time for there to be no resolution what so ever!

Thank you for reading , and help if you can! 

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Re: Extremely Long Wait For WIFI!


i also had a look and saw that @PaddyB  was very helpful and offered a phone call, which would also be very helpful to explain the situation and come to a solution! thanks

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