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Extremely Poor Service

I got BT Infinity installed on August 13th. I got the 40GB package. I very quickly realised that this wouldnt be enough On the 15th I tried to upgrade my package to the first unlimited package and also order BT Vision. I got an error on the website saying there was work being done on the exhange and orders cant be placed. I decided to give it a few days and try again.


I tried a week later and got the same error message. I rang customer support who told me there was nothing they could do and that i would just have to wait it out. A week later i tried again and still got the same message so i called support again. This time they told me the work was actually finished on the exchange on the 13th august and they would have the issue resolved in 3 working days.


I was real busy at the end of last month so i didnt get a chance to try again until 2 weeks ago. Same message on the website. At this point i put a complaint in through the website which I have had one call about. I have also tweeted to BT Care who sent my details somewhere. Someone contacted me to put the order through, when they tried they got the same error ( they even sounded suprised when they saw it )


I work from home a lot of the time which requires me to VPN to New York 9 hours a day. Add this on top of normal internet usage and 40GB isnt anywhere near enough. I am also still unable to order BT Vision and seem to be stuck at square one. Ive no idea if anyone is actively looking at my issue or if its stuck in a list of other issues.


At this point im happy to take my custom elsewhere, i dont mind paying for 2 broadband connections as it will still be cheaper than the one 40GB connection i have at the minute. The same goes with the TV package, competitors might be a bit dearer, but it would be worth it to actually get the service.The level of customer service has been apalling and nobody seems to know what to do 

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Re: Extremely Poor Service

The forum moderators will get involved in this post as soon as they read your post they will post there reply and give you a contact link to them

Please do not send them a personal message, as your message will not be tracked properly.also the mod you personal message may not be on duty for some time and that will delay your help further.mod contact.JPG

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Re: Extremely Poor Service

Hi paulmckerna,

Thanks for posting. I can look into this for you if you wish. Drop me an email with the details. You'll find the "contact us" form in the about me section of my profile. Once I have the details we'll take it from there.



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