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Re: Extremely Slow Broadband & Very High Ping Rate

@RobbieMac not recieved any update on this yet. Looks like no engineer attended the cabinet as you advised on the 1st, as we are still on ADSL as reported by the BT home hub.


I have spoken with BT india again, they have arranged yet another Open Reach visit on the 8th - I have very little faith this will ever get resolved though and that the engineer will ever turn up. Very irritating that we know the issue, its just getting some one to do the work! 

If anyone has the keys for the cabinet please let me know, would be much quicker to change it over myself.....


Our broadband is unuseable now, and we have all used up our data on mobile devices....thats almost 64GB of data for me alone due our appauling fixed broadband.


Any help on this will be apperciated!

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