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Extremely dissatisfied with BT Mobile

Dear all, I lost my phone about two weeks ago on 9th Dec, I called on that day to order a replacement SIM, BT said you would recive the sim card by the end of that week. I waited a week, and called again on 15th. BT said should be arrived, but it's not our problem, carrier could be unpredictable sometime, anyway I buy that reason, and ordered an other replacment SIM, The gentleman emphasized which ever SIM comes first, you can still activate either. Now let's move to December 21st, I called again said I haven't received my SIM, this time I am gonna file a complaitment! Because I missed two telephone interviews with employers, and also one of my employer sent me an offer contract, but I need to authenticate via my phone number, and the contract gonna expire in one week. They said, we already raised your issue with one of my manager, they will give you a call after, and I will order a replacement SIM for you as well! I think fine, today (22nd Decmber, after lovely 14 days of my lost) I received my SIM, I cannot wait to activate and check my voice mail. GUESS what,I activated my sim card and waited 2 hours, it still doesn't work, I made a call again( 5,6 times cannot remember). BT said, since you ordered a replacement one, you have to wait for the newest one to arrive, coz we put that sim number in our system, and we cannot do anything about the sim card you hold now. ( Which is absoultely different from the advice I got from the second advisor) , BT also said, our manager tried to reach you, but you did not pick the phone ( HAHAHAHA, if I got access to my phone, I don't even bother to talk to your manager come on). Just make a conclusion: I missed at least two telephone interviews and several important calls from head hunters, and I cannot do anything. I understand BT mobile is quite new, quite cheap now. But with services like this, I would rather to pay more to get SIM replacement immediately. 

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Re: Extremely dissatisfied with BT Mobile

I have asked one of the forum moderators to assist you.
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Re: Extremely dissatisfied with BT Mobile

@lingchen227 Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting, I'm really sorry about the issues with your BT Mobile sim. If you need any assistance with this please use the 'contact the mods' link in my forum profile to send in your details. You can find the link by clicking on my username .



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Re: Extremely dissatisfied with BT Mobile

So am I but for different reasons.  Have bought a sim only deal and received the sim yesterday and tried to activate it.  Quote from BT - AActiviation should happen almost immeditaely, but it may take up to 3 hours.  After 20 hours and still no activation I contacted BT Mobile via chat service and was assured that within 3 to 4 hours it would be activated.  Almost SEVEN hours later it is still not activated.  If this is indicative of BT Mobile's service then I am afraid that I will be one of their most short term customers.  Take me back O2 all is forgiven! 

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Re: Extremely dissatisfied with BT Mobile

Dear  lingchen,

edited by mod I did not think I was off topic in providing details of my own sad experiences, and thereby, providing you with examples of how much worse it could have been (it cost me a wife and a ton of money, 'nuff sed). I would like to suggest you order a replacement sim, but don't activate it until you need to. This will get around many of the issues you had. 

Also in dealing with the help desk I have a few tips I would like to share that should help:


1. Do some research online using a well known search engine. Goodness gracious, how much time would I have saved if I had done this? Oh about the same amount of time it took for the on line chatterer to get round to telling me they hadn't a clue and I should research the answer for myself. 45 minutes or so.
2. Try and establish the qualifications of the person you are talking to. Now, I don't mean you should check their gcse grades etc, but do they have experience of what you are calling about? As I found out it is possible to conduct quite a long interchange in the optimstic belief that some awareness of mobile network operations would have been provided to those engaged on the help desk (not so apparently).
3. Just go along with doing whatever they say to do. Frankly they cannot cope with people thinking things for themselves. You will find this less painful in the end. For example had you gone and contacted the manufacturer for a PAC code this would have aided you by giving you a firm foundation for taking the discussion back to them, and it would have aided them by allowing you to educate them by, no doubt, some direct quotes from the manufacturer.
4. As you discovered too late, dropping the call and trying again is always an option.

I hope this helps to retain you as a loyal and valued BT customer, always remeber, this is the forum that cares for it's community.


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