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Extremely dissatisfied with upgrade service

Firstly let state I have been trying to upgrade my ADSL from ADSL-MAX to ADSL2+, since the latter became available in my area.   Along with being a BT broadband customer for 10+ years.


Initially I was informed I had been automatically upgraded, which wasn't true.   Eventually I was informed I was still on ADSL-MAX, but would be upgraded if I took out a new annual contract.   I did this, and received confirmation of the order (VOL011-**********) and that I would receive a service of around 17Mbps.   This never occurred and was left with a 8Mbps connection, with G922.1 modulation (ie. ADSL-MAX).


Finally yesterday (25th October) an engineer turned up and confirmed while my line could handle ADSL 2+, I was still configured for ADSL-MAX, even though all records stated I was on ADSL2+.   He upgraded my configuration, to around a 17.8Mbps connection, with the correct modulation of G922.5 (i.e. ADSL2+).


Today I noticed my speed had decreased after he'd fixed things, only to discover my router had been reset and I was back to a 8Mbps connection, with a G992.1 modulation.


Speaking to the help desk (after a 30 min wait), I'm just getting the run around being told I'm on an ADSL2+ service.  They simply can't understand that while I'm "on" the service, I'm not receiving it due to not being configured correctly.


Please assist, as I'm on the verge or just cancelling contracts.


ADSL Line Status Connection information

Line state:


Connection time:

0 day, 00:13:04


8,128 Kbps


448 Kbps


  ADSL settings







G.992.1 Annex A

Latency type:


Noise margin (Down/Up):

11.7 dB / 31.0 dB

Line attenuation (Down/Up):

19.0 dB / 13.0 dB

Output power (Down/Up):

19.8 dBm / 11.5 dBm

FEC Events (Down/Up):

0 / 0

CRC Events (Down/Up):

0 / 0


Loss of Framing (Local/Remote):

0 / 0

Loss of Signal (Local/Remote):

0 / 0

Loss of Power (Local/Remote):

0 / 0

Loss of Link (Remote):


HEC Errors (Down/Up):

0 / 0

Error Seconds (Local/Remote):

0 / 0


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Re: Extremely dissatisfied with upgrade service

if you have already agreed a new contract and that included upgrade to adsl2/2+ then contact the mods for assistance

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Re: Extremely dissatisfied with upgrade service

Already tried that route (VOL051-***********), hence why the engineer came out.


The problem is someone seems to have reverted it, plus I'm extremely tired of just been passed around.   The line is fine, as I was on ASDL2+ yesterday.   I simply want it restored, as per my contract.

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Re: Extremely dissatisfied with upgrade service

Given that your only posts so far are on this thread it seems you have contacted the normal BT faults team and NOT the mods are suggested.


Please follow the advise given

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Re: Extremely dissatisfied with upgrade service

Yeah, the form just resembled the last one I had to use to raise a complaint.


Issued to the mods now.

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Re: Extremely dissatisfied with upgrade service

Hi the Mods will contact you persoinally by either email or phone normally within 72 hours  they are a uk based team of specialists with a good record of getting problems solved 

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Re: Extremely dissatisfied with upgrade service

I've now been contacted (but not by the mods, I think). There's a new order going through to upgrade my connection again, which I've been told will take between 1 - 5 days.

Guess we'll see if actually happens.

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Re: Extremely dissatisfied with upgrade service

HI if you have any further problems contact the mods direct they will sort it out
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