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FON questions

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I just registered for bt infinity package, due on the 8th Dec.

I notice i get unlimted wifi minutes.


With the wifi minutes do I basically use someone elses internet connection when out and about ?

Do the wifi minutes come of your monthly internet bandwidth limit ?

And is it full internet access ?


Are there settings for HTC Touch HD windows 6.5 mobile phone

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Re: FON questions

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Welcome to the forum.


You have un-metred access to wi fi Fon points, they dont come off your allowance.  If its working, and you can find one, it is as good as being at home if you manage to get connected.  There is also BT Open Zone points.


HTC Touch HD - never heard of it - do you mean theTouch 2 or the HD2? You just connect to wi fi through comms manager.



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Re: FON questions

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thanks for the info.

HTC Touch HD is version 1 of HD2
wifi comms manager, thanks!
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Re: FON questions

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Hi Allan,

I have recently had BT Infinity package installed. BT FON & OpenZone wireless minutes for Infinity Option 2 are unlimited, not sure about Infinity Option 1.

I wanted to follow up your comment where you have said that it is as good as being at home if you manage to get connected.

My Hub bandwidth has changed from Total Broadband (max download 8Mb - not sure upload) but I was only getting download 0.46Mb download and 0.36Mb upload wireless (yes-very poor I know). With Infinity I now receive approx 18Mb wireless (37.8Mb wired connection) and 8.6 wireless and wired connection. I am looking at wireless signal loss (G/N) & broadcast channels etc to tweak the speed a bit more.

The point i wanted to raise is that I understand that BT Fon users using other users Hubs subscribed to the BT FON service are restricted to max 512kbps? If so, then I would never receive the bandwidth I now get at home, if I was out and about using the BT FON service (if I subscribed).

Do you know if the 512kbps restriction is correct and is there anyway that you can measure/monitor the bandwidth that is allocated to 'other' BT FON users?

Also as an Infinity user I do not want any neighbours hooking into my Hub via the BT FON enabled service on my Hub and enjoying the home bandwidth I now receive!

Thanks and hope I am not hijacking this thread.



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