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FREE upgrade to fibre - closing copper??

I have been told today by BT that the free offer to upgrade me to fibre is because the copper ADSL network will be closing.  Is this true or is it a way to get me onto fibre so that my bills can increase in 18 months time?

I don't need convincing on the benefits of fibre - but I am happy with the speeds and price I currently have for ADSL.

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Re: FREE upgrade to fibre - closing copper??

ADSL will be ceased eventually as Openreach are now concentrating of rolling out FTTP to 99% (ish) of the country. As yet there is no firm date AFAIK.

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Re: FREE upgrade to fibre - closing copper??

if you are happy with adsl then stay as long as you can - cost of fibre is probably very similar and will be in 18 months time

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Re: FREE upgrade to fibre - closing copper??

That was what I was thinking. However I was told by the fellow at the Loyalty team that when my ADSL comes up for renewal (in April) they may not be offering it and I will be forced to move to fibre - and probably not with the sort of free changeover they are now offering.

FYI, I have a very cheap deal with BT atm on my ADSL and 18 mths of fibre on that would be great, however I'd prefer to stay on ADSL for the next few years at a low price. If however it's true and they won't renew ADSL contracts then it would be silly to turn this down.

So I guess what I am trying to find out is whether BT are in fact going to refuse to renew copper contracts or whether this is some sort of sales pitch to make me change.

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Re: FREE upgrade to fibre - closing copper??

A sales pitch, I get these all the time while on ADSL. Once they sell you higher speeds, then they can try to sell you all the extras like BT YouView and extra subscription channels.

You will not normally get a price reduction when, and if, you renew your ADSL contract, so its not usually worth the hassle of ringing up and being subjected to a sales pitch.

Until the legacy copper network is totally replaced, which is a long time in the future, then ADSL will still be available, as the new 21cn MSANs, that many ADSL connections now come from, are here to stay, as they form the basis of many delivered services.

ADSL has a much lower fault rate and better network connectivity. It also has the advantage of being in nice air conditioned exchange, with battery and generator backup.


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Re: FREE upgrade to fibre - closing copper??


Hi @pal62v

Welcome to the Community and thanks for taking the time to post.

I would the information that you have been provided by the Loyalty team with a pinch of salt. Openreach has committed to stopping the use of the PSTN network however this will not be happening until 2025.

I personally don't believe that we will stop customers from taking/keeping ADSL service anytime in the next few years.

It's really up to you if you decide that you would like to take up the offer one thing to consider is how long is left of your current discount as you may not be offered the same discount at the end of your contract. 

Also if you are not happy with the price the fibre package goes up to after the 18 month discount period ends you are free to shop about.

Any questions let me know.


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Re: FREE upgrade to fibre - closing copper??

Copper is supposedly being discontinued by 2025, I can't see that date being met myself but that is the target. I believe there are trials going on at the moment to eliminate copper from certain exchanges, you might be one of the trial sites.

Edit: Typing as @Matt-S  posted

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Re: FREE upgrade to fibre - closing copper??

BT have already removed ADSL as a broadband option from their website when FTTC / FTTP is also available - not sure if you would still be able to order it over the phone instead.  I expect them to stop offering renewal deals on ADSL at some point in order to encourage migration off ADSL.

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Re: FREE upgrade to fibre - closing copper??

@brookheather I do not see the point of BT offering ADSL to new subscribers, basically as it stands it can be viewed as a legacy product.

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Re: FREE upgrade to fibre - closing copper??

Interesting point @brookheather  My area has FTTC and when I look to try and buy broadband from BT, once my address is in, it only shows me fibre options.

So I guess the question now is, is this a precursor to April when my broadband is up for renewal or will I be able to hold onto it as an existing customer?

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