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FTTC Anticipated Speed - Slightly low?

First post here Smiley Very Happy


Alright, my exchange is due for fibre March 2012, and so is my cabinet (both have exactly the same date - Some fibre cabinets have popped up along the area, but I dont think their switched on, theres no noise coming from them).


When I go onto the BT ADSL checker, it goes I can get a speed of 26.1mbps down and 10.0mbps up, even though im like 60 seconds away from my cabinet down the road.

What kind of speed can I expect? I currentley get a rubbish 3.5meg speed, and im hoping fibres going to be epically awesome for me.


Another thing, if a person can get FTTC now, will there be plans to lay fibre down the roads so its FTTP capable? (If there are main trunking ducts down the road ofcourse)



Cheers in advance guys.

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Re: FTTC Anticipated Speed - Slightly low?

the checker speed are estimates until the cabinet goes live it also depends on how the copper pair are routed from the cab to your home it may be a longer route than walking distance i would think you are likely to get more than that most do as to FTTP that will be unknown as it is only available in a few parts of the uk at this time and fibre to home comes with other things that have to be changed as well on the voice side when using FTTP
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