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FTTC Date?

So recently my date was pushed back from the 31st of September to the 31st, but I see looking at the following website that it says they're "Accepting Orders": (NE28 - Wallsend)


I checked the website a few times, so it must have changed recently, is there anything I can do about this, or do I still have to wait until the BT Infinity website says I can actually get it?

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Re: FTTC Date?

when the phone number checker says you can order you can order
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Re: FTTC Date?

"Accepting orders" merely means that someone connected to your exchange can get Infinity, not that you can necessarily get it.   Your phone connection is made via a local street cabinet ( a dark green metal box ) and thence to the exchange, except for a small number of premises very close to the exchange which may be directly connected.  In order to provide BT Infinity a new cabinet needs to be installed and commissioned near to each street cabinet, a job which Openreach carry out.   You cannot order Infinity until this work has been done for the cabinet which your telephone line is connected to.  If you have a scout around your local area, you may ( or may not ) be able to see signs of this being carried out - if the job is in progress there should be a new , paler green cabinet with cooling vents standing on the pavement or verge near to "your" telephone cabinet.


Hope this information clarifies things for you !

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