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FTTC - Just installed to our village - Issues in week 1 and being lied to by Level One tec Support


Our Village has just had FTTC installed and was the 1st person to get it and installed in socket one of the FTTC new BT green box in our High St.

For 7 wonderful days i was connecting at 73 mbs DownLoad & 18mbs Upload with a ping of 5ms.

Yesterday the line dropped and rung BT Broadband level one and was advised that there was a fault on the line and it will be passed to level 2. Level 2 ring me today saying that there was no fault found and these new lower speeds is all that i will be getting.

I now connect at 50 mbs download and 10mbs upload with a ping of 42ms.

Why the lies ???? I'm used to the lies from the international call centre from previous encounters, but just fed up with the Bull S. After kicking up a fuss they are sending an engineer, but can anyone advise why such a drop. The whole area has been having power cuts. Would this have an impact

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Community Manager
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Re: FTTC - Just installed to our village - Issues in week 1 and being lied to by Level One tec Suppo

Hi Coope2014,


Welcome to the forum.  Sorry to hear of the drop in your Infinity connection speed.


Have you had an engineer out to check things yet?  If you are still having problems then I would be happy to help.  Its very difficult to comment on the situation without having a peek at your connection stats.  I will need to run a few checks from my end.


Can you please drop me an email.  Just click on my username (SeanD) and you will find my contact link under the 'about me' section of my profile, please make sure you are logged into the forum otherwise you wont see this link.  I will need your account details and the link to this thread.




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