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FTTC On The Way...

Hi all,


I was absolutely flabbergasted yesterday to read that my rural village would be getting an FTTC upgrade as part phase 7a! We don't even have 21CN here, so my shock and amazement is even greater!


I have a question regarding the situation (even though it's a year away!)...


If I am mid-contract on a 24-month agreement for Unlimited TV, Broadband and Calls, how will this be affected when I want to join Infinity? I'm assuming that I will keep my packages but will my BB agreement be extended to cover the recommitment? I'm just curious to know as currently, all my services were taken at the same time, so I know exactly when the commitment has finished.


Also, I can see no reference to BB Talk - is the Hub Phone compatible with the VDSL Hub?


I'm so excited, I can't wait! Smiley Very Happy

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Community Manager
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Re: FTTC On The Way...

Hi Soulvache,

The contract will depend on what kind of offer you have on your account, so it's hard to say for sure but if you want we can take a look.

You can get our email address by clicking on my profile, it's under about me.

I'll need your forum username and your BT account details 🙂


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Re: FTTC On The Way...

Excellent ! Smiley Happy


But can't help being jealous...Smiley Indifferent



Any idea what the decision making process was  ? - any info might help us poor **** out in the sticks with no hope on the horizon

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